Seahawks Notes: Bennett, Chancellor, Wilson

The Seahawks recently extended Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner with big-money contracts, and the roster is beginning to look awfully top-heavy, with several players set to earn $10MM annually over the next few years. Defensive end Michael Bennett, who isn’t overly pleased with his current deal, also expressed some concern that solid role players like Tony McDaniel are being let go due to cap concerns.

That’s what people don’t understand, people talk about Tony McDaniels like ‘Oh, he’s just another guy,’ but think about, how does a Bobby Wagner make those tackles?” Bennett said to Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports. “These are the workers. It’s like the clothing line. You see the people who own the clothing line, but you don’t see the people who work and make the clothes. The middle man is always needed for success in this league.”

Of course, if the Seahawks reward disgruntled players like Bennett and safety Kam Chancellor with the raises they’re seeking, it might mean losing another one of those “middle men,” perhaps someone like Brandon Mebane. So Seattle will have to tread carefully when it comes to renegotiating contracts.

Here’s more out of Seattle:

  • A source tells Josina Anderson of (Twitter link) that Chancellor’s holdout could potentially go into the regular season if the two sides can’t reach a middle ground. As was the case with Dez Bryant‘s threat of missing regular season games, I’ll believe it when I see it. But Chancellor has made plenty of money over the last couple years, and has shown a willingness to give up money by missing camp.
  • Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show today, Wilson downplayed the notion that he had been looking to become the NFL’s highest-paid player, as Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk details. “No. The only thing that was important was being in Seattle,” Wilson said. “In terms of being paid, however I played, that’s what I wanted to dictate my pay raise.”
  • In the wake of the Wilson and Wagner extensions, former agent Joel Corry of takes a closer look at the Seahawks’ cap situation, writing that the team should be able to contend for the Super Bowl through at least the 2017 season.
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2 comments on “Seahawks Notes: Bennett, Chancellor, Wilson

  1. Rory Parks

    Bennett isn’t wrong, but he comes across a little disingenuous. I wonder how concerned about the middle men he’ll be when Seattle revisits his contract next year.

  2. Rick

    We have to put up with these guys until 2017? That sucks.


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