Community Tailgate: Undefeated NFL Teams

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One of the NFL’s three remaining undefeated teams was unable to make it through Week 10 unscathed, as the Bengals dropped a shocker in Cincinnati to the Texans on Monday night to fall to 8-1. The Bengals’ loss leaves the 9-0 Patriots and Panthers as the league’s only teams without a loss, with just seven weeks remaining in the regular season.

Despite being hit hard by injuries, the Patriots have looked like the NFL’s best team for most of the season, and will host the Bills this Monday night as they look to push their record to 10-0. The team’s schedule the rest of the way looks like this:

  1. vs. Bills
  2. at Broncos
  3. vs. Eagles
  4. at Texans
  5. vs. Titans
  6. at Jets
  7. at Dolphins

As for the Panthers, impressive wins against the Seahawks, Eagles, Packers, and Colts in recent weeks have gone a long way to proving they’re no fluke. Carolina’s schedule the rest of the way is as follows:

  1. vs. Washington
  2. at Cowboys
  3. at Saints
  4. vs. Falcons
  5. at Giants
  6. at Falcons
  7. vs. Buccaneers

Neither team’s schedule features a real murderer’s row of opponents, but there are potential pitfalls for both clubs. Even without Peyton Manning, the Broncos have a strong enough team to give the Pats some trouble, and those divisional games, particularly on the road, won’t be easy.

As for the Panthers, the Cowboys may be 2-7 now, but they’re a different team with Tony Romo in the mix. Road games against the Saints and Giants won’t be a cakewalk either, and the Falcons will look to avoid being swept against their division rivals.

What do you think? When will the Patriots and Panthers lose next? Does either team have a real chance to go undefeated? If not, how many wins do you think they’ll finish with, and will that regular season success translate to postseason wins? Will we see these two teams meet in the postseason?

Weigh in below in the comments section to let us know your thoughts on the NFL’s last two undefeated clubs!

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5 comments on “Community Tailgate: Undefeated NFL Teams

  1. aarongill

    I think panthers drop a game to Falcons and maybe Giants. Patriots going undefeated.

  2. R Steffen

    I think the Panthers may lose to Dallas and also to the Giants. Depending on this week a Chicago, if Denver wins they very well may be able to beat NE the following week.

  3. Dylan

    The way I see it pats have 3 hard games Texans, jets, Dolphins, Texans could be a trap game and division games are always hard on the road, I think they go undefeated
    Panthers have 4 Cowboys both Falcons games and giants I see them losing 2 games

  4. will

    Pats likely to beat next two opponents at about 65 % each game. If they are undefeated after those two, I give them a 85 % chance to run the table. Panthers will lose two upcoming games.


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