Cowboys Notes: Hardy, Cassel, Garrett

In a recent radio appearance, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that Tony Romo has offered to help identify his own eventual replacement, adding that Romo has put in time studying what he’d look for in a college quarterback. While the 35-year-old has the team’s long-term future in mind, they’ll be banking on him in the here and now as they get set for his return. Here’s the latest out of Dallas:

  • Deadspin has obtained the transcript of Greg Hardy‘s confidential reinstatement hearing on March 4th. At the hearing, Hardy’s private defense attorney used the sex lives of Nicole Holder and Kristina Laurence to cast doubt on their version of events. The attorney also opined that Holder tripped and fell and was not struck by the Cowboys defensive end.
  • This week, Hardy took to Twitter and suggested that he has been the victim of racial discrimination. That is an assertion that does not sit well with everyone and that includes Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, as David Moore of The Dallas Morning News writes. When asked if he fears that Hardy tunes him out, the coach did not give a direct answer. “I think the biggest thing we try to do with any player is just address things when they come up,” Garrett said. “We address them in-house and we deal with things inside these walls and then we move forward. I think a big part of coaching is shaping a mentality and a mindset and it’s shaping behavior. We do that every day with 53 guys on our roster, 10 guys on our practice squad along with coaches and staff.”
  • Matt Cassel will be making his final start of the season for the Cowboys on Sunday if all goes according to plan, but he hopes that his future in Dallas will extend beyond 2015, Todd Archer of writes. “I don’t think about [next year] at all, to be honest with you,” Cassel said. “At this point in the season my main focus is all about this week. We’ll cross that bridge when it comes here. If you’re asking me would I like to be a Dallas Cowboy for a long period of time? Absolutely.
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    3 comments on “Cowboys Notes: Hardy, Cassel, Garrett

    1. TJECK109

      How many things do the Cowboys have to address with Hardy before enough is enough? Shows you talent is all that matters.

    2. mcdusty31

      Maybe Tony should offer to win the Cowboys a Super Bowl ring or two before he starts trying to identify the next QB in line…only winners get to do that sort of thing

    3. Jim Gibbons

      Where is Roger Goodell? He jumps down a model citizen like Tom Brady’s throat over deflated footballs with zero evidence ? And and goes on a national disgusting witch hunt defaming him? Now he allows Jerry Jones to hire this unapologetic thug, Greg Hardy, who beats women to a pulp with impunity? What is wrong with Goodell? His egotistical and self-serving persecution of Brady and the World Champion Patriots is shameless. Where is he now ? Why is he not protecting the integrity of the game? What a classless putz! Hardy will be in jail within 3 months. Abusers do not stop unless they are stopped, not enabled. Disgusting human being.


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