Tony Romo Out For Season

Tony Romo‘s comeback off the Cowboys’ injured reserve list was short-lived, as the Pro Bowl quarterback re-injured his collarbone in Thursday’s loss to the Panthers. As Ian Rapoport of tweets, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas today that Romo will be sidelined for the rest of the 2015 season with a hairline fracture in his clavicle.

The announcement doesn’t come as a surprise. The Cowboys had been holding out hope that Romo hadn’t broken the clavicle for the second time this year, suggesting that Thursday’s tests were inconclusive. However, a CT scan today confirmed the club’s fears.

According to Rapoport (via Twitter), Romo will be looking at a standard recovery timetable for a clavicle fracture, and should be good to go for the team’s offseason programs. He won’t undergo surgery, and Dr. David J. Chao tweets that it would be very unusual if Romo isn’t ready for the start of training camp in 2016 due to the injury.

While Romo should be fine for next season, the Cowboys’ playoff hopes for this season evaporated on Thanksgiving, as the team saw its quarterback go down again en route to a blowout loss against the undefeated Panthers. At 3-8, with Matt Cassel expected to reclaim the starting job going forward, the Cowboys are likely headed for a top-10 draft pick rather than vying for a postseason spot.

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  1. Chrish815

    I long time cowboy fan . Before the season start I know we where in trouble because jerry left back up Qb questionable and let Demarco go banking they could trade for Peterson and when that didn’t happen sign McFadden and I never liked randle he change of pace back not starting rb and need to get better number 2 they have des and bunch of 3 to 4 William 3 Beasley is good but he just slot receiver I hoping that street would be number two but he has pan out tell this point they never addressed returner . Def end are good but not great and when it come to dt what made marinelli def great in Tampa was he had great pass rush dt in sapp and great nost take in Anthony McFarland get def pass rush end Simeon rice great lb brooks great cb barber and two great safety’s in lynch and Jackson cowboy have end but where have good tacked they don’t have great run stuff dt they have lbs but are best cb is out of season and 2 is rookie 3 hasn’t been on field in 2 week and Carr is over paid has been good since the 1 season we have run stuff safety’s in church/ Wilcox . We don’t have ball hawk / cover safety because right now we need jones to play corner . But here good part the season not over .cowboys still have best off line in game the dez mite be only 70 to 80 % but even at that he still better then most of wr in football McFadden has shown flash what made him top 5 pick . Cowboy have best kicker in game def is not reason we lost yesterday . Cassel is ok. Cowboys need to come together have us against the world mentally everybody right them off hello every body there still 5 games and Giants dead skins and train reck Eagles are not world betters . Skip Bayless Came up with interesting idea . ” Brett Favre” before any one start I know Bret is 46 and he hasn’t played in 4 years but think about this Bret grow up as cowboy fan . Second he play behind best line in football he has dez and whitten and good wr . 3 have future hall famer and legion like Bret play with them mite give team a second wind and give reason to get excised . 4 because it has been 4 years his body has had time to heal and do Bret want last memory on the football field was being cared of the field . 5 we play Green Bay in 2 weeks and think what legacy of Bret Favre would be if he came out of retirement and lead best franchise in sports to the super bowl . Jerry make the call to Mississippi . It time for man white black cowboy hat . The rebel him self to ride again go cowboy forever. Bye the way so everyone knows I been Cowboys fan since I was 3 years old that was game between Cowboys and Redskins at RFK and my granddaddy took me to the game. And that was in 1976 .


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