49ers Open To Kaepernick Return

6:35pm: NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport echoes Schefter’s report, providing more details on the meeting.

“My understanding is Colin Kaepernick sat down with general manager Trent Baalke and discussed among other things potential free agent targets for next year and the plan for 2016, a sign that maybe — just maybe — the 49ers are not done with Kaepernick yet,” Rapoport said on NFL Network’s GameDay Morning (via Kevin Patra of NFL.com). “I’m told he is in their plans for 2016.”

9:22am: Most NFL writers and talking heads believe that the 49ers and quarterback Colin Kaepernick will part ways this offseason. San Francisco appears to be headed towards a rebuilding phase, Kaepernick’s performance has declined precipitously over the last several seasons, and there is plenty of reported interest in Kaepernick’s services among quarterback-needy teams who remain intrigued by the 28-year-old’s upside. Indeed, the majority of articles published over the last several weeks have focused on where Kaepernick will end up in 2016, and San Francisco has not appeared on many of those lists.

But according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via Twitter), Kaepernick met with team officials last week, and both sides are open to a reunion in 2016. Of course, neither party would publicly foreclose the possibility of a return at this point, but it is interesting to note that there was a meeting between team and player that apparently went well. Both sides were rumored to be looking for a fresh start, and recent reports indicated that the 49ers would continue to dangle Kaepernick in trade talks in the offseason after they were contacted by at least three teams who were interested in acquiring the signal-caller in advance of this year’s trade deadline.

Of course, Kaepernick’s contract situation is a complicating factor in all of this. His $11.9MM salary in 2016 is currently guaranteed for injury only, but it becomes fully guaranteed on April 1, 2016. The shoulder surgery that he underwent on November 24 has a recovery time of four to six months, and if he cannot pass a physical by April 1, the team would be forced to guarantee his salary. If that’s the case, and if a trade is untenable–as at least one national writer believes–then maybe Kaepernick will, in fact, return to the team he starred for not long ago.

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4 comments on “49ers Open To Kaepernick Return

  1. Rahsaan Bakari Lewis

    A reunion can happen and be successful if both sides are willing to make certain concessions. From an organizational standpoint, the team must surround Colin Kaepernick with an offensive line that will be able to protect him and give him an opportunity to make plays. In addition, they must utilize his strengths and put him position to succeed. Above all else, they must stop any leaks coming from within. The week to week soap opera and banter is never good for an organization and will do nothing more than kill everyone.

    Colin Kaepernick must study diligently, learn to check down his receivers on EVERY necessary play and become a student of the game and his position. In addition, he has got to improve his footwork, his accuracy and stop relying solely on his abiIity. His penchant for doing the aforementioned led to many interceptions, offensive ineptitude, poor decision making, sacks, stalled drives and rendered him a one dimensional quarterback. A man with his natural talent should never look like that.

    While it is not a popular belief, the fact is both the organization and the quarterback need one another now more than ever and any move forward, without an attempt at reconciliation, would be disastrous for both.

  2. oh, that’s just great (sarcasm)! second chances are for players who had previously played well. kaepernick’s play has plateaued and since regressed. imo, he has learning disabilities and his talent has taken him this far. he has been in the league long enough to have grown annually, if he was going to. he has had good coaching up until this year. as a 49er fan, i just don’t see him being able to improve much more than what we’ve seen, as long as he’s with the 9ers. let him go, and move on, especially if they’re keeping this coaching staff! change needs to be made from ownership on down… all the way down. this time hiring, they must hire well versed, well respected coaches with winning experience!

  3. Gary333

    I’ll believe when I see it. I just don’t trust anything from Jed York and Baalke! Honestly, I just don’t think the current coach/staff is capable of working with Kaep and playing to his strengths instead of making him something he is not. They have wrecked his confidence trying to make him a pocket QB. Cam Newton is proof that this style of QB can be successful in the NFL. Although Cam is much better at reading defenses, finding the open receiver and making quick decision than Kaep is.

  4. Jennifer Bellini

    Just like in baseball trades, the Dallas Cowboys and the 49ers should make a deal during the NFL Spring Meetings in Chatlotte, NC by acquiring quarterback Kaepernick to be Romo’s successor for a player the Cowboys don’t need that the 49ers can take and a draft pick. Don’t know if Kap, Jerry Jomes, and Jason Garrett (still around) can get along.


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