East Notes: Gase, Giants, Eagles

Before the Dolphins reached out to Adam Gase about their head coaching vacancy, owner Stephen Ross sought advice from around the NFL on possible solutions for the position. Gase’s name kept coming up during the process, which helped lead the Dolphins to pursue him. After spending time with Gase this week, Ross became sold on the 37-year-old, writes Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald.

The Dolphins hired Gase on Saturday, but the job was his to lose two days earlier, according to Beasley. Gase “wowed” Ross and his advisers during an informal interview Wednesday on Ross’ private jet, per Beasley. The Dolphins then had Gase participate in a marathon interview Thursday as a way to assess his leadership skills. They came away impressed enough to make Gase an integral member of their franchise going forward.

Now for the latest from the NFC East:

  • If Doug Marrone gets the Giants’ head coaching job, don’t expect him to retain offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, reports Tom Rock of Newsday. That would seem to be a less-than-ideal scenario for 35-year-old quarterback Eli Manning, who combined for 65 touchdown passes and nearly 9,000 yards under McAdoo the last two seasons.
  • Speaking of the Giants, they erred in keeping general manager Jerry Reese, opines the New York Daily News’ Gary Myers, who expects Reese to lose his job if the team misses the playoffs again next season. That means the next GM would have a second-year coach forced on him. Myers believes the Giants would’ve been better off letting Reese go and hiring a new GM to select Tom Coughlin‘s replacement.
  • At the outset of their coaching search, the Eagles pursued Kevin Sumlin of Texas A&M, tweets Ian Rapoport of NFL.com. Sumlin is staying put, however, Rapoport adds.
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One comment on “East Notes: Gase, Giants, Eagles

  1. Ar roi

    Ross is an absentee landlord. New York resident, does not live in Miami. No owner knows less about football.
    How is this a good hire? Only Cleveland and Miami like this guy. That should tell you all you need to know. Two of the most pathetic franchises in football.
    Ross has made the wrong hire time and time again. All this optimism is unfounded. Out of all the options out there, this guy is the least qualified. The Dolphins will once again have a 1st time Head coach. A guy who’s called plays for 3 years. Let’s be honest about Denver. Manning was the OC.
    Cutler throws 21 tds and 11 picks and that’s success? 6 wins? This is a guy tannenbaum can bully. The defense will have at least 7 new starters and of course a first time DC.
    Tannehill will finally be ruined and the fins will win 6 games again. Gase will be fired within 3 years.
    Ross worked real hard to get it out there that gase was his first choice because Miami never gets who they want.
    They couldn’t even wait to interview guys in the playoffs? Coaches on actual winning teams?
    This is cam Cameron, this is joe philbin, this is the same horse manure as always.
    The really sad part is at least 4 or 5 quality candidates are available.
    Starting to think Ross is a jets fan. This is a great hire for the jets.
    I don’t understand anybody being positive about this hire, just drinking that same old rancid coolaid the Dolphins have been serving up for a long time.
    Maybe gase will do better on his next team, allthough soprano, Cameron, and philbin have not been given control of any team since leaving Miami.
    The Dolphins are a minor league team, training coaches for the rest of the league. Laughing stock.
    Inside job, seems like sabotage, the jets (or jet fans) are running the Dolphins. I feel bad for the players. They are being undermined by horrible ownership and under qualified rookie coaches.
    Sucks to be a Miami fan.
    Not buying all the false hope and hype again, and I don’t get fans who do.
    More sad days ahead.


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