Latest On Chargers’ Los Angeles Pursuit

The Chargers and San Diego may be on incompatible timelines.

A looming June 2016 election will have a significant impact on whether San Diego can invest in a new stadium, but the Los Angeles relocation matter may be decided by then, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports.

San Diego’s latest proposal hinges on $350MM coming from the city, but a public vote scheduled for June will determine whether that money is available. The league’s relocation meeting comes in less than two weeks.

Funding for a prospective new Chargers venue costing upwards of $1.1 billion would, per this plan, come from the NFL providing $200MM, the Chargers paying $363MM and personal seat license sales accounting for $187MM.

As Florio notes, in the unlikely event the Chargers decide to wait on this vote passing, the measure failing to do so could well mean the Chargers would be shut out of the Los Angeles race and forced to remain in their near-50-year-old stadium. But with the Chargers very much in the LA pursuit, such passivity would be unexpected.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke is reportedly pushing for a one-year delay in this derby in hopes of this June vote showing the Chargers have a more viable stadium plan than the Rams do in St. Louis, Florio offers. St. Louis, however, appears further along than San Diego or Oakland in its stadium efforts.

The Chargers not waiting and securing approval to relocate Jan. 13 would mean San Diego would be voting on the above legislation to lure another team to the city.


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