Cole’s Latest: Lynch, Carroll, Chargers, Lacy

In a series of videos today for Bleacher Report, Jason Cole tackled a handful of notable topics from around the NFL. Here’s the latest from Cole:

  • The Seahawks would like to bring back running back Marshawn Lynch in 2016, since the team feels he’s still capable of big-time production. However, Seattle isn’t interested in retaining Beast Mode at his current $9MM base salary and $11.5MM cap hit, says Cole (video link). The club will explore the possibility of a pay cut – perhaps lowering Lynch’s base salary and adding incentives to his deal – but if the two sides aren’t making much progress, Seattle may eventually have to cut the standout running back.
  • Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is currently signed through 2016, but it’s unclear what his future holds after that. If Carroll wants to continue his coaching career, I’d expect Seattle to try to keep him around, but Cole suggests that the Rams – and the Chargers, if they move to L.A. – could make a play for the former USC head coach (video link).
  • Speaking of those Chargers, they’re still a little apprehensive about dealing with Rams owner Stan Kroenke, but the NFL has been encouraging Dean Spanos‘s franchise to take advantage of the opportunity to move to Los Angeles, according to Cole (video link). The league believes that the basic deal it has outlined for the Chargers would allow the team to make more money in L.A. than it would if it remained in San Diego.
  • Not that we needed to be told, but Cole cites Packers sources who say running back Eddie Lacy looked “sluggish” during his 61-yard run against Arizona, adding that the team was disappointed with Lacy’s lack of development and fitness level this season. There’s major uncertainty surrounding Lacy’s future with the franchise, says Cole (video link).
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6 comments on “Cole’s Latest: Lynch, Carroll, Chargers, Lacy

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe Pete will go back to the 49’ers. Full circle.

  2. Raiders32

    Chargers stay in San Diego…. How is it going to feel to play the Raiders in Los Angeles with 70-75% raider fans wearing black and silver…. Not good

  3. cjh815

    Hay I know this is not about cowboys but this what I could see what happen in the draft
    With 4 pick Cowboys trade it to Phil who want to get in head of 49ers to pic qb Paxton lynch here the trade
    Cowboys sends 4 pic and cb Brandon Carr to the Eagles for
    13 pick 1round
    67 pick 3 round
    5th round pic
    1 rounder in 2017 draft
    And rb Demario Murray
    Then Cowboys trade down again with the jets
    So they can draft qb Carson waltz in front of the Rams . cowboy throw one of 6 round picks they got for losing player for last pic and te galvin Escobar and MLB Wilson
    Cowboys will get
    20 pick 1 round
    51 pic 2 round
    5 round pick and 1 round 2017 draft
    And Cowboys use these pick to draft

    20 pick Wr -L. Treadway- old miss
    34 pick de- S. Outman – Baylor
    51 pick Lb- S. Wright-Arizona
    67 pick rb- j Howard – Indiana
    77 pick Dt- S Day- Notre Dame
    98 pick cb – A burns- Miami
    5 round qb – Kevin hogan – Stanford
    5 round g- Alex Barr- Stanford
    6 round cb- Tracy Howard -Miami
    6 round T- J Austin – Nichols St.
    That not bad draft they sign either manziel or rg3 to back up romo resign most of there free agents

    • James7430

      Wow. Crazy grammar, misspellings galore, and for good measure thinking Johnny Football or RG3 will help the Cowboys…I don’t know what to say. And it’s Carson Wentz not Waltz.

      • redsox2323

        First of all dont expect the cowboys to get that much in return for that pick maybe they get all of that minus demarco

  4. Hoosier Hysteria

    Cjh815 is tripping. An article about Hawks/chargers turns to draft day vomit about cowgirls. Stick to Facebook dude!


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