Broncos Notes: V. Miller, M. Jackson, Manning

Broncos general manager John Elway commended first-year Denver coach – and Elway’s former backup – Gary Kubiak for the way he handled the team’s awkward quarterback situation down the stretch, as Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post writes.

Handing those type of situations are probably the hardest things that a head coach has to deal with, and that’s where Gary did such a tremendous job,” Elway said. “The way that he handled that process, the way that he communicated to his team — it’s a touchy situation, and it’s tough for the quarterbacks, too.

“You look at the things that Peyton [Manning] was going through, but also what Brock [Osweiler] went through. We wouldn’t have done what we did without both of those guys. They’re both to be commended, and ultimately it was Gary making that call as far as what his gut told him to do. To me, those are the things that make good coaches great, is to have that ability to make that call.”

Here’s more out of Denver:

  • A source with knowledge of the situation tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that the exclusive franchise tag for linebackers is currently on track to be worth $14.04MM. That number’s not set in stone, and neither is the non-exclusive figure, but early estimates have the two amounts looking pretty similar, meaning there would be no downside for the Broncos using the exclusive tag on Von Miller. That exclusive designation would allow Denver to prevent Miller from negotiating with other teams, while not necessarily costing the Broncos any extra money.
  • Asked during an appearance on PFT Live about the possibility of re-signing with the Broncos, Malik Jackson said, For me, I would love to say here and just continue with my boys, continue this run with them and try to get another one with this defense. It is a business, so we’ll see what happens.
  • Although most observers and fans expect Manning to retire this offseason, Broncos teammate DeMarcus Ware doesn’t think the future Hall-of-Famer necessarily has to call it a career, as’s Kevin Patra writes. “I don’t know,” Ware said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “But I just know that him winning this game put him out on top. If he is going to do it this year, it’s certainly a great time to do it. But if he wants to play a little bit more I feel like he still has a little bit in the tank.”
  • If Manning does retire this offseason, he’s capable of immediately stepping into a general manager role with an NFL team, former Colts president Bill Polian said during an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio (link via Dana Hunsinger Benbow of the Indianapolis Star). “He knew the strengths and weaknesses of every player on every defense in the AFC and many on offense, because he met them and got to know them at the Pro Bowl and soaked up information,” Polian said of Manning, whom he observed first-hand for more than a decade in Indianapolis. “He is a football nerd, as am I. He’s more than prepared to do that job.”

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One comment on “Broncos Notes: V. Miller, M. Jackson, Manning

  1. Sam Robinson

    I suppose if Manning came back for less than half his current salary Ware has a point, especially with an injured version of him managing the Broncos to a title. But John Elway seems intent on moving on, and Manning’s health isn’t likely to magically come back in his age-40 season. Retirement still looks incredibly probable.


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