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The Eagles have overhauled their coaching staff and restructured their front office hierarchy in the last month, but DeMarco Murray‘s situation in Philadelphia remains relatively unchanged, says Ian Rapoport of According to Rapoport, the Eagles and Murray “appear headed toward a stare-down” regarding his future with the team.DeMarco Murray

Rapoport explains that there are doubts within the Eagles organization that Murray can bounce back and have a big year for the team in 2016. However, it’s not clear if the team is willing to stomach the $13MM charge on the cap that would apply if Murray is released and not designated as a post-June 1 cut.

Meanwhile, it’s probably fair to say that Murray wouldn’t strongly oppose a change of scenery after posting a career-worst 3.6 yards per carry during his first season as an Eagle. However, the former third-round pick, who will turn 28 next Friday, is saying all the right things publicly — per Jamie Apody of WPVI TV (Twitter link), Murray told ESPN today that he wants to return to Philadelphia, since last season’s performance isn’t the lasting impression he wants to leave on the city.

According to Rapoport, the former NFL rushing leader hasn’t asked to be traded or released, and so far the Eagles haven’t shown any real interest in cutting him. Some bridge-building may be necessary though, after a disastrous 2015 — if the two sides aren’t confident that the relationship can work going forward, the odds increase that the situation “could explode,” writes Rapoport.

For now, with his $7MM base salary guaranteed for 2016, Murray and his his $8MM cap number seem likely to return to Philadelphia for 2016. However, if things take a turn and Murray is cut, teams like the Seahawks, the Raiders, and – of course – the Cowboys would have interest, says Rapoport. Those clubs all had varying levels of interest in Murray a year ago when he was a free agent.

If Murray and the Eagles decide that things won’t work for the running back in Philadelphia, the two sides could also explore a potential reworking of his contract that would make a trade a more viable possibility.

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3 comments on “Latest On DeMarco Murray, Eagles

  1. Jimmy B

    Murray’s beef was with Chip, not the eagles overall. No reason he should be cut if he thinks he could fit the Jamaal Charles role in that offense.

    • phillyoakman

      I would totally agree with you. He will have a good showing if he is played. always bugged me that chip went out and signed him then made him sit. Chip seems like a bully who heard that Demarco said something mean about him and so Chip sat him to teach him a lesson.


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