Browns Waive Johnny Manziel

MARCH 12, 4:36pm: Manziel has officially cleared waivers and is now free to sign with any team, according to Adam Schefter of (Twitter link).

MARCH 11, 10:34am: The Browns have officially waived Manziel, as Andrew Gribble of writes.

9:20am: The Browns are expected to waive Johnny Manziel by the end of Friday, Tony Grossi of (on Twitter). The move has long been expected and the Browns will make it all official in a matter of hours. Johnny Manziel (vertical)

Some speculated that the Browns would wait on making a move with Manziel to see if they might be able to trade him for a late-round pick. Given his off-the-field troubles and uneven play on the field, teams were apparently unwilling to give up anything of value for Manziel.

Since the Browns drafted the former Texas A&M star in the 2014 first round, he has appeared in 15 games, made eight starts, and tossed seven touchdowns and seven picks. Manziel showed progress in parts of his six starts last season, but his off-field issues overshadowed his positive steps on the gridiron and have carried into the offseason. The Dallas County District Attorney’s office is currently investigating the 23-year-old over a Jan. 30 altercation with ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, who alleges that Manziel assaulted her and ruptured her eardrum.

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25 comments on “Browns Waive Johnny Manziel

  1. Rich Clovis

    I hope we do not here any about JF. Just get us a decent QB & a decent line for per tection .

      • Bobby Sweet

        It’s not that hard to decipher. He doesn’t want us, as a group, to have to read anything more about Johnny Manziel on PFR. Also, he would like his (as yet unknown) favorite team to upgrade the offensive line to have a better chance of fending off each individual play in which the defense attempts to tackle the ball carrier, known as “tections”. What’s not to understand?

  2. dwilson10

    The Browns are making a huge mistake. Now they definitely don’t have a chance at winning next year. They’ve lost 5 starters from last season. Hopefully they have about 30 draft picks so they get a new team cause nobody wants to go or stay in Cleveland.

    • Knee grow

      That is just what the browns do. They could have picks 1-15 in the first round and find a way to destroy every top prospect they get. The factory of sadness is the only business never hurt by recession.

      • dwilson10

        Most of the time they can’t even draft good players they have top picks but they never amount to anything. I’m surprised Josh Gordon wants to stay with them. He could be a top 5 receiver in the NFL on a different team

    • noahflesh

      Its not a mistake, Manziel is getting the Browns in the media for all the wrong reasons. He hasn’t been very good the last two years, and he has been doing everything the team doesn’t want him to do. He’s not a celebrity he’s a football player and he doesn’t understand that.

      • dwilson10

        Without Manziel the Browns would never be in the media except for all the players leaving them because they don’t want to be with them. And none of the Browns players have been any good the last 2 seasons. Why do you think the best and only good player Travis Benjamin left? What about Gronk he parties all the time and is always in the media for it but nobody has a problem with him doing it. It all comes down to what team you’re on and Manziel was just one of the many unlucky players to get drafted by the Browns.

        • aff10

          The difference between Gronk and Manziel is that Gronk is the best player at his position. PFF last year has Manziel at 35th out 38 quarterbacks. Their grades for QB’s are a little weird, admittedly, but Manziel hasn’t shown enough on the field to be worth the distraction he is off of it.

        • noahflesh

          Manziel was being investigated my police and the NFL, lied to his coaches and teammates about rehabbing, Gronk and every other football player party but Manziel never listened to his team. And he wasn’t good. That’s why no team wanted to trade for him

          • dwilson10

            The Browns also never really tried to help him, they just went along with it and benched him. The last game of the year they told the media he had a concussion and couldn’t play when they knew he just didn’t feel like going to the game. If he was on a team with more discipline he would have been fine. The Browns don’t know what they’re missing out on. If you give this guy a chance he would succeed.

            • pileofsandwich

              Manziel is grown man right? Why should the team have to help him. He is an adult and should have self responsibility like the rest of us.

              • marshmallowman

                wrong,pileofsandwich. the browns owe johnny everything and should have taken better care of him. he is a millionaire and used to be on an nfl team. he is not subject to the rules we must follow and how dare you presume he is like you and me??

    • gfn14

      The Browns are making the best decision they can for him. He needs to hit rock bottom before he can get the help he needs. Hopefully this is the bottom for him

  3. i Will Be Surprised that My Favorite QB Johnny Manziel is Getting Wavied today.But For Johnny Manziel His Rehab is Michael Irvin today So Johnny Manziel to Get His Life Back in the NFL And Jerry Jones Will Get to Sign With the Dallas Cowboys

  4. brian johnson

    “Johnny Garbage” is a Free Agent? Wow, could he turn my favorite team in to crap too. Which GM & Coaching Staff what to be fired next? What owner wants to pay for Johnny to party in Vagas, LA, or NY city for a few more years. Come on and buy a ticket for the train wreck express! All aboard!!!

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