Ryan Fitzpatrick Expected To Hit Open Market

Ryan Fitzpatrick is expected to hit the open market, sources tell Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (on Twitter). The Jets and the quarterback are far apart on a potential deal, he adds. Last week, it was reported that the Jets’ offers to Fitzpatrick so far haven’t necessarily reflected the going rate for starting quarterbacksRyan Fitzpatrick (Vertical)

Fitzpatrick enjoyed a career year in his first season for Gang Green. The veteran threw for nearly 4,000 yards and 31 touchdowns against just 15 interceptions. After earning just $3.25MM last season, the 11-year veteran is pushing for a pay bump and some have speculated that he could command a salary of $10-15MM per season.

Although Fitzpatrick looks like a hot commodity, his value is still difficult to pin down. On one hand, Fitzpatrick guided the Jets offense extremely well in 2015 and talent at the quarterback position is scarce. On the other hand, some would argue Fitzpatrick represents a decent transitional option at best, and pessimists could point to his solid campaign as a fluke. For the Jets, the bottom line is this: Fitzpatrick is the best option they have and they simply can’t afford to let him go. A two-year deal with a $16-$18MM value would be ideal for Gang Green, but the club may have to go a little higher than that to retain its starting QB.

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4 comments on “Ryan Fitzpatrick Expected To Hit Open Market

  1. Hector

    Fritz must be delusional! Journeyman QB, paid $3.5 mil last 2 seasons & now he may be out thinking himself. He does not have the pedigree, talent or the age of either Bradford or Cousins. He had a good season with 2 very good to great receivers around him, 2 very good RB’s & the weakest schedule in the NFL. He must have gone on a drinking binge since the end of the season, which by the way ended in disaster! Jets iMaster Mi-Kel Macc either uses Jets iMind technique on Fritz or says goodbye. The nerve of that bum, mediocre QB our front office must be thinking! We traded a conditional 7th (became 6th) rounder to back up Geno Smith! Jets better not give in to his demands. Let some other idiot organization pay him… please not us! Go Jets… Fly & Fight!!!

    • greglowcws

      I know many jets fans will cringe at this, but doesn’t this kind of remind you of what happened with Sanchez in his first couple seasons when they gave him that ridiculous extension? The jets were wishing they never did that a few seasons later.

  2. noahflesh

    But he almost led the team to a playoff spot. He was great, he had a career year and shouldn’t settle for a lower deal because of his age or his track record. He’s always been decent, but not bad. And last year was a big step forward for him and he’s their best chance at getting to the playoffs.

  3. Bob Knob

    We let him go …
    Then …
    Geno Smith.

    No -please no Geno Smith.


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