Browns Actively Shopping No. 2 Overall Pick

6:30pm: A deal between the Browns and Eagles would see the two teams swap the second and eighth overall picks this year, with the Eagles adding a pair of third-round selections in 2016 and first- and third-rounders in 2017, reports FOX Sports’ Alex Marvez (on Twitter).

10:08am: The Browns have engaged in trade talks involving the No. 2 selection, and a team source telling Adam Schefter of (Twitter links) that there’s interest in that pick. However, Schefter notes that it remains “uncertain” – in the words of one team official – whether Cleveland will eventually make a trade.

TUESDAY, 9:33am: The Browns are actively shopping the No. 2 overall pick in the draft, initiating calls to other teams further down in the top 10, says Jeff Darlington of the NFL Network (Twitter link). Mary Kay Cabot of has been hearing the same thing, with a source confirming to her that the Eagles, at No. 8, are a potential trade partner for the Browns.

MONDAY, 5:41pm: An NFC general manager tells Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link) that, following the Rams trade to acquire the first overall pick, the Browns now hold the most valuable pick in the draft at No. 2. We’ve heard before that Cleveland is likely willing to trade down, and Cole points to the 49ers, Eagles, and Jets as clubs that could be interested in moving up to No. 2 with the intent of selecting a quarterback.Sashi Brown (vertical)

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Peter King of the also sheds some light on the situation, relaying that he’s also heard the Browns are trying to trade back in the draft. “Cleveland’s active, doing their due diligence,” one executive told King, which makes it seem as though the Browns are open to a bevy of scenarios. Like Cole, King also points to the Eagles and Jets as possible suitors for the second pick, and adds the Cowboys as a team that might consider moving ahead in order to land its quarterback of the future.

But the Browns could pass on a quarterback even if they stay at No. 2, and King believes the team’s decision-makers have internally discussed that option. Adam Schefter of, appearing today on the Ross Tucker Football Podcast, said he thinks Sashi Brown & Co. were going to bypass a QB even before the Rams moved up to No. 1, arguing that the Browns want to build up the rest of their roster before investing in a signal-caller. Additionally, per King, Browns head coach Hue Jackson is confident that he can not only revitalize the career of Robert Griffin III, but find a suitable quarterback prospect in the second round.

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31 comments on “Browns Actively Shopping No. 2 Overall Pick

        • aarongill

          Draft Buckner or jack, if they aren’t there at trade back with the Titans and get one of their seconds and draft someone like Floyd(who I like a lot) or spence. Hen next year, if we aren’t bad enough for Watson, sign a guy like tyrod who can fit Kelly’s system.

          • Z-A

            Floyd will go between 9 (Bucs) and 20 (Jets). If the 49ers do not get a 2nd #1 in next year’s draft there’s no way they will get Watson unless he is terrible and at that point why draft him?

    • qbwrecker

      Are you out of your mind? Take A. D who is a Pro Bowl RT, 2nd round, 4th round, and 5th round

  1. Marcus

    I wouldn’t mind trading with Dallas if…. they agreed to give us the 4th, 34th, 67th, and 105th. Plus their second or third rounder for next season

    • kcr1267

      Except why would Dallas trade up, they probably would not draft a Qb at 2 plus it would only be two spots so you’d maybe get an extra third out of it? Not worth it if I’m Cleveland

      • tribe fan

        If Dallas wants a QB I’d trade with them in a heartbeat. I want Ramsey if the Dallas wants a QB and Ramsey falls to 4 that seems ideal. Of course this is assuming Dallas wants a QB, SD passes on Ramsey and Cleveland wants Ramsey too.

  2. tribe fan

    Trading with Dallas would be ideal. Could still Get Bosa, Ramsey or Jack as well as other picks.

  3. Marcus

    I wouldn’t take Jack. Too much going on about him not being physically cleared with his knee. We aren’t in a position to hope someone will get healthy. WR need someone who can come in and play now. Of wr stay at 2 gotta go with Ramsey. Tramon Williams has got to go

  4. Erokv17

    I don’t buy the lose for Watson trend. Look where Cardale, Hackenburg (sp), and Cook fell after people expected them to be standouts. Sure there will be someone in the top 5, but certainly not a sure thing or maybe not even better qbs than what’s there now. Get a guy and let him watch a year while building around him.

  5. CursedRangers

    People in Dallas keep saying the Cowboys won’t draft a QB as they want to surround Romo with talent as he still has another couple years left. My question is, Romo has been surrounded by talent for years. How many Super Bowls has he won? I hope they draft a QB

  6. realfootballfan

    I’ve been saying this since Hue Jackson got hired. I thought it would be Kaepernick, but Griffin is just as good as any of these mediocre prospects too in light of all of the other blue chip players that will be there in this draft. The last 2 real good ones came out a year ago.

  7. JB19

    LA needs to be a little more clear on who they traded all their picks for to move up to the 1st overall spot. No team would ever give up all of those picks to not be absolutely 100% certain who they are going to take.. So, trading the number 2 overall pick will happen on draft day. It sounds like Goff is going to LA, I read Wentz is favored by Philly.. What would be interesting is the Jets. If I were the Browns, maybe check into including Wilkerson with the trade package and sign him to a LT contract. I don’t think the current FO is interested in signing big time FAs at this point in time though, which would have to be a certainty to get that deal done.

    • Z-A

      You realize the NFL is telling them not to reveal it. They are selling air time for this event.

      • 0213963

        LA knows who they want, you don’t buy the ring and not be 100% on the girl your going to give it to. They just won’t reveal it.

  8. Z-A

    Jets – Muhammad Wilkerson, #20, a 3rd this year, and a 1st next year. They can’t afford anything more than a Brian Hoyer 5M QB anyway with Wilkerson. His tag is higher next year too.

    • Mike

      Wilkerson adds minimal value to this deal from a Browns point of view. Highly unlikey he resigns in Cleveland and they aren’t exactly going to compete next year so why add a high priced rental?

      • JT19

        Agreed. If Wilkerson agreed to a long term contract with the Browns, then this deal makes sense…but no team is giving up their first round pick for Wilkerson unless they know they can sign him to a long term deal.

        • Z-A

          If the deal happens before draft day, then its very likely a LT deal is worked out, if it’s a draft day deal, then 10 minutes isn’t a lot of time to work out a LT deal. But remember he is stuck for 2 years not 1. He can be franchise tagged again. He’s 26, and a top 5 3-4 DE in the league. He’s better than anyone in this year’s draft even coming off a broken leg.

  9. Ken Hoag

    Browns have needed A QB since Kosar. Here’s their chance. They are going to blow it. How stupid.

    • Brian

      No way I do it for Goff, but I honestly think Wentz is going to be a superstar and I’d make the deal if the Rams take Goff.

  10. JT19

    So three third round picks and a future first to move up 6 spots? Doesn’t seem worth it unless Philly is really sold on Goff/Wentz being a franchise QB. Even then…still seems like a lot.

  11. Z-A

    If they don’t move out…
    Round 1 – Laremy Tunsil LT
    Round 2 – Ryan Kelly C …OR BPA at WR.
    Round 3 – Nick Martin C ….OR BPA at WR.
    Round 4 – Antonio Morrison ILB
    Round 4 – Miles Killebrew SS
    Round 5 – Brandon Allen QB

  12. 0213963

    Philly trying to makes moves in the middle of a rebuild and make people forget the Chip Kelly era and if rumors are true that Kelly wants Goff or Wentz then this just adds fuel to Howie Rosemans fire to assure Kelly doesn’t get what he wants. Dumb move, stay at 8 or trade back and get a second round pick back this year.

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