Latest On Talks Between Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick

Jets wide receivers Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall reportedly skipped OTAs last week in a show of solidarity with Ryan Fitzpatrick, but as’s Rich Cimini writes, neither player has gone on record to confirm the reason for their absence. Whether it was Fitzpatrick-related or not, Cimini writes, their decision to stay home (or, in the case of Decker, go on vacation) changed the tenor of the quarterback’s negotiations, increasing tensions between the two sides.

Here’s the latest on the Jets:

  • Despite the chatter over the past week, the Jets and Fitzpatrick are not any closer to a deal than they were previously, Adam Schefter of tweets. He adds that the salary stalemate continues and could carry on for a while. Fitzpatrick is reportedly content to wait out the Jets and take this standoff into training camp.
  • If Fitzpatrick goes elsewhere, he’ll be taking true market value, a league source with experience negotiating contracts tells Mike Florio of PFT. “If a player ‘takes less’ to go somewhere else, he is really only being paid what the actual market will bear,” the source said. I would argue that this is not exactly the case as the free agency market in early March is drastically different than the market in June. At this stage of the offseason, most teams have addressed their needs and spent the majority of their available money.
  • Fitzpatrick is not ready to accept the Jets’ three-year contract offer which includes $12MM in year one but offers little in the way of guarantees after that point. Brian Costello of the New York Post opines that a compromise could be reached by just chopping off the final two years of the deal, making it a one-year, fully guaranteed $12MM pact instead.
  • On Wednesday morning, defensive end Stephen Bowen announced his retirement from the NFL. Bowen spent 2015 with the Jets.
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4 comments on “Latest On Talks Between Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick

  1. bobhutt99

    True Market Value for Fitz the career backup QB is about $3 million dollars. That’s his true worth putting aside his aberration last season. Any team signing him long term is insane! Don’t let the door hit him on the way out!

    • Z-A

      lol chase daniels makes 7m as a backup with 77 passes in 6 yrs. Except he’s not a backup and would start on a 3rd of the league salary cap issues and draft moves aside on ability as of today and next 2 years. A 3rd you scoff… Browns, 9ers, Broncos, Texans, Bills, Jets, Bears, Rams, Bucs, titans to name a few all inferior QB play today and for at least the next 2 years.

  2. bobhutt99

    Chase Daniels making $7 million is a joke. He must have photographs on the GM or owner. He’s terrible. Where does it say you have to throw crazy money at scrubs. If you haven’t figured it out by now the owner doesn’t pay these ridiculous salaries, the fans do in ever increasing ticket, parking and concession prices. Tell the truth would YOU ever buy a ticket to watch Fitz play? It’s a rhetorical question because I wouldn’t watch him in a schoolyard for Free. No one would except his relatives. He’s an accident waiting to happen, an interception machine. He had a fluke season when he wasn’t asked to do too much. The truth be told is he stinks. The Jets aren’t winning anything with him at QB. They know it, I know it, you know it and even Fitz knows it. The sad part is Gino and Bryce are even worse. With them at the helm the Jets get a better draft choice. No Go With Fitz. Sorry!


    People seem to forget that before Geno got hurt he had earned the Starting job. I wouldn’t overpay either. Brady couldn’t have won with offense Geno had. As long as they keep him upright for 5-7 seconds they will have a big year.


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