Chargers Get Roster Exemption For Joey Bosa

The Chargers announced that they’ve received a roster exemption for the recently-signed Joey Bosa, so while they technically have 76 players under contract, they are in compliance with the league’s roster requirements.



Placed on injured reserve:

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One comment on “Chargers Get Roster Exemption For Joey Bosa

  1. OCTraveler

    Why do the Chargers deserve a “roster exemption” because their front office didn’ do their pre-draft homework and didn’t see that Bosa was going to be a malcontent from day one? Just another “pass” for the organization that continues to do dumb things (can you say Eric Weddle) and the cry to the city that their rich owner doesn’t want to use his money to build a new stadium. They should be forced to stay in Qualcomm as long as they’re in SD but they should have to rename it “Charger Park”.


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