Harrison, Matthews, Peppers To Meet With NFL

Steelers linebacker James Harrison and Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers have agreed to meet with NFL investigators, sources tell ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. However, Tom Pelissero of USA Today (on Twitter) hears that free-agent linebacker Mike Neal has not yet agreed to an interview. The league threatened suspensions for all four players if they did not cooperate. The NFL has been pushing to meet with the quartet of notables after steroid allegations were made in an Al-Jazeera report.Julius Peppers (vertical)

Harrison has agreed to meet on August 29th at the team facility, though he says he will only answer questions concerning the segment of the documentary in which he was identified. It is not yet clear if the league will accept those conditions. It’s also not clear exactly when Matthews and Peppers will meet with investigators. The NFLPA will serve in an advisory capacity, even if they are not thrilled about the precedent the interviews may set.

On Tuesday, Harrison explained to reporters that he had serious reservations about the potential interview.

Somebody could come out and say James Harrison is a pedophile. They are going to suspend me, put me under investigation for being a pedophile just because somebody said it? I’m not going to answer questions for every little thing some Tom, Dick and Harry comes up with,” Harrison said.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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5 comments on “Harrison, Matthews, Peppers To Meet With NFL

  1. madmanTX

    I think the Union needs to challenge Goodell in court on this one. An allegation that was retracted should not be enough to warrant an investigation if there is no physical evidence of doping (i.e. Failed tests) to support it. It sets a bad precedent and the next CBA needs to weaken the Commish’s powers.

  2. TJECK109

    The NFL and NFLPA in a court battle?? Never would imagine

    Just waiting to hear that Al-Jazeera report that will show Harrison and Peppers as the two men that robbed Lochte at gun point in Rio.

  3. TDKnies

    Almost makes me think Goodell is playing up this boogeyman dictator role so they can work over the players’ union (again) in the next CBA. Goodell gives up some of his judge / jury / executioner powers and the league gets whatever the hell it wants in return.

  4. aburkhart

    Absolutely a Goodell screw-up again. He is going to lower the NFL to a new level. Time for him to go! He has a God syndrome.


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