Seahawks Lose Fifth-Round Pick

The Seahawks will lose their fifth-round pick in 2017 for violating the league’s rules regarding contact practices in the offseason, according to an announcement from the NFL. The Seahawks will also lose a week of OTAs and face a fine of $400K. Coach Pete Carroll personally will have to pay $200K in fines for his role. Pete Carroll

The NFL and NFLPA’s agreement on excessive contact in offseason workouts was breached on June 6th when Carroll’s team doled out hard hits during OTAs. This is not the first team that the Seahawks have run afoul of these regulations and, therefore, they were docked a draft choice in addition to the fines.

In this year’s draft, there were three instances of teams losing draft picks as a result of rules violations. The Patriots (first round), Chiefs (third round), and the Falcons (fifth round) were all penalized for different infractions by the league office.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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2 comments on “Seahawks Lose Fifth-Round Pick

  1. rkmarx

    Just imagine the uproar, fines, suspensions, and loss of high draft picks if this was the Patriots. I hope that even Patriots haters are starting to recognize the favoritism/crookedness (that should be a word) in the nfl.


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