Giants Done With Josh Brown

Josh Brown will be put on the commissioner’s exempt list and he will not suit up again for the Giants, sources tell’s Chris Mortensen. Multiple sources also tell the veteran reporter that Brown is unlikely to ever kick again in the NFL. Josh Brown (vertical)

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Given that Greg Hardy and Ray Rice have been unable to find work in the NFL, it’s not surprising to hear that Brown is persona non grata in the league. Brown is one of the league’s best kickers and is coming off of one of his best seasons, but he is certainly not worth the baggage that would come with signing him at this point. After all, Hardy is still a starting caliber defensive end, but his history and bad attitude have forced him to change sports.

The Giants have until 4pm ET/3PM CT Friday to place Brown on the commissioner’s exempt list. While on the list, Brown can still collect his ~$1.15MM base salary. He can also appeal being placed on the list, but that will be an uphill battle given everything that has come out in recent days.

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4 comments on “Giants Done With Josh Brown

  1. DarkGhost

    Ray Rice 2.0, just another example of how the Rodger Goddell has no clue how to run a organization.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Goodell has to go. If I were the players, I would 100% refuse to even negotiate the next CBA unless he is removed of his duties and no longer a part of the league office. If you gave those conditions, the owners would budge eventually. No negotiating means no CBA, which would mean no football and no money. The owners want money more than anything else. Once they realized Goodell was the cause of their lighter pockets, they would find another puppet to plug in as commissioner.

  2. TJECK109

    Let get this right… goodell spent millions on deflate gate and found no true evidence and suspends Brady 4 games. You have a player involved in domestic violence yet again and there appears to have been no investigation done by the league and Brown was given only a one game suspension. Now more comes to the surface and to save face Goodell acts.

    Goodell is making a joke not only of the game but the integrity of it.

    • Nick Ottino

      Also, smoke a joint and get 4 games. Beat your wife get a slap on the wrist.


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