Jets’ Darrelle Revis Not Thinking Retirement

Anyone who has watched Darrelle Revis since his return to New York knows that the sequel to Revis Island hasn’t been anywhere near as good as the original. The Jets cornerback admits that he is a shell of the player that he once was, but he also says that he’s not considering retirement, as Kimberley A. Martin of Newsday writes. Darrelle Revis (vertical)

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My body’s breaking down,” Revis said. “Yeah, I am. I mean, not in a bad way. I can still play…It’s just, I’m breaking down. I’m 31. How many corners are 31 right now in the league? The league’s getting younger. I know [Vikings cornerback Terence] Newman’s still playing [at 38], which is impressive. But I don’t know how he’s doing it.

Revis went on to say, “I’m not thinking about retirement at this moment.” That doesn’t come as a huge surprise given the salary that Revis is pulling in. Revis has the second highest average annual value in the league at $14MM+ per season with only Josh Norman ahead of him. He’s paid more per season than Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Trumaine Johnson, Joe Haden, Janoris Jenkins, Darius Slay, and every other big name cornerback out there.

Meanwhile, his performance has slipped to the point where he is actually among the worst corners with regular playing time in the NFL. Pro Football Focus has Revis ranked 83rd out of 116 qualified cornerbacks with poor scores in every major category. In 2014, the year before he returned to the Jets, PFF ranked Revis as the fourth-best corner in the league behind only Chris Harris Jr., Vontae Davis, and Sherman.

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8 comments on “Jets’ Darrelle Revis Not Thinking Retirement

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    In other words, “I still think I am way better than I truly am. I am no longer a #1 CB but I won’t admit that flat-out. I’ll just dance around the topic. I am overpaid and over-hyped. I am years past my prime and getting paid because of my past, which is why QBs attack me when I’m on the field.”

    • DLCinCT

      Last season, Revis had the lowest percentage of completed passes allowed into his coverage in the NFL.

      Something has obviously not been right with Revis this year. He hasn’t played anywhere near his usual self, although hos performance has been much better the last 2 games.

      But I don’t think that he is the type of player whose performance, as he gets older, will fall off as far or as quickly as the difference in his play between last year and this would suggest. That just doesn’t make sense.

      Let’s see if the upward trend of the past couple of games continues. Revis has more than earned the benefit of the doubt.

      You are a moron.

  2. looks like winning a SB with the Patriots too the air out of his desire to win. Luckily the Pats did not get saddled with this overinflated contract and ego……

    Jets are once again taken out by a Belichick Heatseeker….. He will not be the HC of the NYJ but he will school them at losing at will for the next 20 years

    • DLCinCT

      You’re a typical Patriots fan, with an over inflated sense of your team and very little football knowledge or common sense.

      If Revis wasn’t on the 2014 team, you wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl. You should’ve lost it, anyway, but you lucked out when Pete Carroll made one of the biggest boneheaded play calls of all time by going for a pass a few yards from the end zone while he had Beast Mode in the backfield.

      I’ve got news for you: the Pats ain’t as food as their record right now looks. None of their victories were against good teams or teams that were at full strength, I can’t believe that vaunted Offense that is supposed to terrorize the NFL now that they have Brady back only hung 27 points on a bad Pittsburgh Defense, and they looked flat out terrible against the Bills in their only loss to date.

      Looks like we’ll have to endure all the empty bravado and hot air from Pats fans like you for a bit longer, though. And I’m sure none of you will be found when you’re team falls short again this year.

      • Berger

        Your lack of any objectivity is amazing!
        Your response to another comment says that “he/she is a typical Patriots fan with an over inflated opinion of their team and very little football knowledge or common sense.”
        It is well documented (and it’s not just Pats fans) that feel the Patriots are a very good football team. Check the power rankings published by numerous media outlets? What do they say?
        I get it. You hate the Patriots. But when you make silly comments like you posted, don’t be throwing stones at others.
        Whether you want to admit or not they a pretty good team. Great? Only time will tell. I can objectively say they are a playoff team. And I’m more then willing to comment on their play throughout the season and into the playoffs? How about you? You willing to come back and express that you were wrong if they win the SB?


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