2017 NFL Draft Order Through Most Of Week 14

The final month of the regular season will dictate the playoff futures for teams like the Cowboys, Patriots, Chiefs, and Raiders. For other teams, the postseason is a statistical impossibility. Already, the Jets, Jaguars, Browns, Rams, Bears, and 49ers have been mathematically eliminated. The Chargers, Saints, Panthers, Eagles, Bengals, and Cardinals are not technically out of it, but their chances are remote.

Here’s where those teams and the others not currently ticketed for the playoffs stand in the draft order (Note – Ties are broken by strength of schedule):

  1. Browns 0-13
  2. 49ers 1-12
  3. Jaguars 2-11
  4. Bears 3-10
  5. Rams 4-9 (pick belongs to Titans)
  6. Jets 4-9
  7. Panthers 5-8
  8. Chargers 5-8
  9. Saints 5-8
  10. Eagles (pick belongs to Browns) 5-8
  11. Cardinals 5-7-1
  12. Bengals 5-7-1
  13. Bills 6-7
  14. Colts 6-7
  15. Titans 7-6
  16. Vikings (pick belongs to Eagles) 7-6
  17. Packers 7-6
  18. Redskins 7-5-1
  19. Ravens 7-5 (Note – The Ravens play their Week 14 game tonight against the Patriots.) 
  20. Dolphins 8-5

Strength of schedule via SB Nation.

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10 comments on “2017 NFL Draft Order Through Most Of Week 14

  1. After yesterday the Chargers should be ahead of the Panthers since the Panthers won yesterday. Not much difference from 7-8 player wise, but trade wise tons.


      Draft position is not based on head to head but strength
      of schedule. Weaker record higher draft pick


        weaker combined record of schedule higher draft pick

        • Conner

          What are you talking about?! Draft pick is not based on either, it’s based on record. And if teams finish with the same record than draft position is determined by division record. It has absolutely nothing to do with strength of schedule.

          • dstuart

            It literally says “(Note- ties are broken by strength of schedule)”

  2. gmflores27

    Browns got the 1 and 10 picks lets use it on Garrett and Quincy Wilson

    • Kia Sportage Off-roader

      They will mess up both choices, as well as their picks in all other rounds. They always do. It’s the Browns’ way. If they pick a sure-thing or safe pick, he flops. If they pick a high risk guy, the risk is never worth it.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Haslam, the most incompetent owner in the NFL, fire his whole front office and coaching staff again. The once again replace them with terrible choices.

      One thing is for sure though – whatever the Browns do, it will be hilarious. All of their moves are. They are truly pathetic. I feel bad for them.

      In a land of brand new, shiny, high performing Kias, the Browns are the old, rusty Oldsmobile sitting in a junkyard. Other NFL teams are the new Kias. Except the 49ers and Bears.


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