2017 NFL Draft Order Through Week 16

This weekend, the Browns got the best of both worlds when they won their first game of the 2016 season while the 49ers also found their way to victory. Now, the 1-14 Browns remain in the top spot as we head into the final week of the NFL season.

Here’s where we stand through Week 16. (Note: Ties are broken by strength of schedule):

  1. Browns 1-14
  2. 49ers 2-13
  3. Bears 3-12
  4. Jaguars 3-12
  5. Rams (pick belongs to Titans) 4-11
  6. Jets 4-11
  7. Chargers 5-10
  8. Bengals 5-9-1
  9. Panthers 6-9
  10. Eagles (pick belongs to Browns) 6-9
  11. Cardinals 6-8-1
  12. Bills 7-8
  13. Colts 7-8
  14. Vikings (pick belongs to Eagles) 7-8
  15. Saints 7-8
  16. Titans 8-7
  17. Ravens 8-7
  18. Buccaneers 8-7
  19. Broncos 8-7
  20. Redskins 8-6-1
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8 comments on “2017 NFL Draft Order Through Week 16

  1. Nesqu1ck

    And the Washington Redskins select DL anyone to stop the run !!! Or Dalvin Cook please

  2. greglowcws

    Wouldn’t the jets be ahead of the rams since they beat the jets

    • squish

      No. The worse strength of schedule u have, the higher pick you have if you have the same record

  3. draft

    If this scenario stays pretty much the same as it is here, except perhaps if somehow the Jets move up to the 4th or 5th pick, I can see the Browns starting a bidding war between the 49ers, Bears and Jets for the #1 pick and whatever QB teams fall in lust over this year. Get more picks, preferably some for next season because the QBs next year are much better and still get Garrett or Jonathan Allen.

    • Dufus magee

      Niners will not get into a bidding war to move up one spot. They need many things. No reason to give away picks when one specific player will not fix the problem.

  4. bencole

    I doubt any team will be willing to part with much to move up to take one of these QBs. Maybe a Kurtis but for Trubisky but I doubt it. I don’t think there’s any bidding war at all. These QBs are the 2nd worst class in 10 years


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