49ers: Kaepernick To Remain Starting QB

49ers offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins says Colin Kaepernick will remain the starting quarterback this week against the Jets (Twitter link via Nick Wagoner of ESPN.com). Kaepernick was benched this past weekend against the Bears, but the Niners still want to continue with him as their primary signal caller. Colin Kaepernick

In a snowy game against Chicago, the 49ers’ offense was unable to get anything going. After going 1-for-5 for four yards and taking five sacks, coach Chip Kelly benched No. 7 in favor of Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert did better, but not by much. He completed four of his ten passing attempts for 35 yards and was also brought down in the end zone for a safety.

This is, of course, a lost season for San Francisco. However, they are still trying to figure out how to proceed at quarterback in 2017 and beyond. This year, as Kaepernick started the year on the bench and made headlines for his polarizing political stances, it seemed quite unlikely that he would be the QB solution after this season. However, after a string of quality games last month, some observers called for the Niners to consider Kaepernick for next season. This final month of action should give us an indication of whether have any interest in retaining Kaepernick. If they don’t, then Kaepernick could be in position to land a decent contract on the open market.

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3 comments on “49ers: Kaepernick To Remain Starting QB


    Great, another chance to watch him disrespect the country that allows him to make millions of dollars again and SUCK. I would have benched him for rest of season and leave that last game the last sample he plays before his big opt out. The balls to opt out as if anybody would pay you more.

    • jmgara

      I have great respect for Kaepernick. He is willing to risk his livelihood and career to protest injustice in our nation. Too many people hide behind the flag in order to subjugate others. If more people took the time to improve the lives of ALL Americans and call for stamping out bigotry, hatred and injustice, then he and others wouldn’t be protesting. For too many people, mindlessly waving the flag is more important than adhering to what the flag represents.

    • diemf50

      Great, another person disrespecting this countries rights…


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