2017 NFL Draft Order

The Browns almost blew it yesterday. In the regular season finale, the Browns took the Steelers to overtime before ultimately losing 27-24. Had they won, the Browns would have been picking at No. 2 instead of the top position. Meanwhile, the Jaguars nearly slipped to No. 5, but they held their ground in the draft order when they lost 24-20 to the Colts. Phew.

The playoffs will help determine the bottom 12 picks, but the draft order has now been set for most of the NFL. Here is the list, with ties being broken by strength of schedule:

1. Browns (1-15)

2. 49ers (2-14)

3. Bears (3-13)

4. Jaguars (3-13)

5. Titans (via the 4-12 Rams)

6. Jets (5-11)

7. Chargers (5-11)

8. Panthers (6-10)

9. Bengals (6-9-1)

10. Bills (7-9)

11. Saints (7-9)

12. Browns (via the 7-9 Eagles)

13. Cardinals (7-8-1)

T-14. Eagles (via the 8-8 Minnesota Vikings)

T-14. Colts (8-8) (Note: The Vikings and Colts have identical records and the same strength of schedule. The tie will be broke by coin flip with the winner getting pick No. 14 and the other team getting the No. 15 pick.)

16. Ravens (8-8)

17. Redskins (8-7-1)

18. Titans (9-7)

19. Buccaneers (9-7)

20. Broncos (9-7)

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9 comments on “2017 NFL Draft Order

  1. Bob Bukaky

    The Browns are busy scouting which busts they will choose at #1, #12, and #33. I heard they’re looking for impact players like Brady Quinn.

    • Polish Hammer

      They could’ve drafted Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers and they would’ve been busts. They continue the cycle of new owner, new GM, new Coach, new QB…repeat cycle…

    • Polish Hammer

      Yes it was, even though they gave up a bunch of picks they got what looks like their franchise QB and are only picking 2-3 spots behind the pick they surrendered to Cleveland.

  2. crazysull

    It will be interesting to see what happens when Bridgwater is able to return, who will they go with? I understand people are saying Bridgewater might not play again but I haven’t accepted that possibility yet since I feel like he has the drive and commitment to prove people wrong

  3. redsox0065

    So seeing as how both the browns and 49ers needing qb’s, i could see either one of then trading for garrapolo and a future pick or two for the first or second puck of this years draft seeing as how the qb’s in this class are very very weak and the patriots need for a player like myles garret

    • redsox0065

      And the 49ers reached out to mcdaniels so adding mcdaniels and garropollo would be ideal

        • justinept

          Wow. Would put this at less than 1%. Garrappolo has two games under his belt and his a FA after this year. He’s as big a risk as any QB in this draft – and maybe even a bigger one since he’s going to hit FA after the 2017 season.


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