Bills Intend To Move On From Tyrod Taylor

No surprise here, but the Bills are getting ready to bring the Tyrod Taylor era to a close. The Bills will not pick up the $15.5MM option bonus in his contract, Adam Schefter of writes. Tyrod Taylor (vertical)

Buffalo has until March 11 to exercise the clause, but it sounds like their minds are already made up. Picking up the option would guarantee Taylor $30.75MM over the life of the contract and tie him to Buffalo for the next five seasons. Buffalo, as expected, is unwilling to make that commitment.

The Bills made their feelings for Taylor crystal clear when they benched him in the season finale. Had Taylor taken the field and gotten seriously injured, Buffalo would have been stuck with his multi-year deal. Keeping him off the field also gave the team a chance to take another look at EJ Manuel, a favorite of GM Doug Whaley.

Still, as we learned this week, there is one scenario in which the Bills could still be stuck with Taylor’s hefty contract.

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17 comments on “Bills Intend To Move On From Tyrod Taylor

  1. crazysull

    Watson to the Bills for sure he is basically a younger version of Taylor so they won’t need to change their offense too much

    • mcdusty31

      I still don’t understand just letting him leave…if you could sign him to a decent contract in terms of length and price he would be a good guy to have that can be serviceable as a starter and could eventually serve as a backup to his replacement…the strong need for having a quality backup with experience is going to be exposed pretty hard during the playoffs this year

  2. 1tav

    Renegotiating Taylor’s contract, and giving him $10 mill when they didn’t have to, one more of the many reasons to fire Whaley.

  3. mulcahy01

    As a patriot fan, I’m surprised. I thought Tyrod was pretty good this year. I think it would be stupid to get rid of tyrod

  4. Curiousgeo

    How stupid do you think the entire organization is? What QB available is better than Tyrod. The last week of the season there was nothing to play for but losing draft position. Of course they let EJ Manual start. Don’t listen to the national media about any team. They usually don’t know what they are talking about and they have become like TMZ. Try listening to a local guy with some real clout with the organization, like Vic Carrucci for example

    • mcdusty31

      Pretty stupid actually…Whaley isn’t horrible but he hasn’t been too good either and the fact that they went from Marrone who did a decent job to Rex Ryan and his drama shows that they’re not too serious about building something good over there in Buffalo…Rex is a defensive coordinator at best…letting Tyrod walk with such an obvious lack of options on the market is just ridiculous…Buffalo needs to shore up their defense and with their running attack and a healthy season from Watkins, they could make some waves next season

  5. aarongill

    Niners should get him. Better than Kap. Would fit well with Mcdaniels, no need to draft a qb this year at #2. All qbs in this draft are not top 5 worthy.

    • mcdusty31

      Drafting a QB in top 5 is such a crap shoot I don’t know if I could ever do it as a GM…I would always be looking for someone with intelligence, raw ability and intangibles on day 2 that I could groom into my offense…that being said it makes zero sense for the Bills not to try and get Tyrod at a lower price for say 2-3 years and make sure they have a guy that will be able to run the offense until your next QB is ready or if he gets ready and then gets hurt

  6. QBR
    Taylor – 11th in 2016
    Taylor – 7th in 2015
    Orton – 28th in 2014
    EJ – 27th in 2013
    Fitz – 26th in 2012
    Fitz – 20th in 2011
    Fitz – 21st in 2010
    Fitz – 25th in 2009

  7. bravosfan4life

    Here comes 12 gauge aka cardale jones and if its true i can see the browns signing tyrod if they pass up on Watson in the draft

    • John

      Clearly you didn’t watch Thursday or Monday night football then. They played the jets on Thursday and Seahawks on Monday

  8. Nineefan4evr

    49ers should pick him up. He is a decent QB and they can look other directions in the draft

  9. Nineefan4evr

    Besides top draft prospects have only been getting lukewarm ratings at best

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