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Before he withdrew from San Francisco’s general manager search Friday, Packers player personnel director Brian Gutekunst had been the favorite to land the job “for two weeks,” a source close to the 49ers told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (via Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle).

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Eliot Wolf, another member of Green Bay’s front office, preceded Gutekunst in pulling out Thursday despite being a finalist for the position in San Francisco. The decisions Gutekunst and Wolf made don’t necessarily reflect poorly on the Niners, though, as a source close to the two told Jason Cole of Bleacher Report that “other factors” outside the team’s control led to their exits from the derby (Twitter link).

With Gutekunst and Wolf out of the picture, the GM-less 49ers could target Falcons director of football operations Nick Polk, tweets Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Polk is familiar with soon-to-be 49ers head coach and current Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, having worked with him in Atlanta the past two seasons. Speculatively, that could give Polk an advantage over the 49ers’ other GM candidates if they do pursue him.

As of now, San Francisco is set to conduct a second interview next week with Vikings assistant GM George Paton. Cardinals vice president of player personnel Terry McDonough and Jaguars director of player personnel Chris Polian are also possibilities for the 49ers’ GM role. The team hasn’t yet scheduled a second meeting with McDonough, however, and it hasn’t met with Polian at all.

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17 comments on “Latest On 49ers’ GM Search

  1. Thronson5

    This situation seems to get worse and worse every day or two. What a shame. Unless I am wrong and they already have their man lined up and just aren’t leaking it.

    • mcdusty31

      They do have him lined up…Jed Dork is going to give the job to a buddy of his from his high school baseball team…I’ve heard he is really good in franchise mode in Madden

      • Clark

        Either you or someone else has said that multiple times and it’s getting old, it’s not funny at all. I’m not a 9ers fan so I’m not salty it’s just not funny especially when it’s said over and over again. And call him all the names you want that doesn’t change the fact that he will always have more money and be more successful than you

        • mcdusty31

          Well I am a salty ex-49ers fan and he is my least favorite sports owner of all time…this is a website for expressing opinions on sports so if you don’t like something scroll on down and have a nice day…and PS I don’t dislike Jed DORK because he has money I dislike him because he’s awful and has singlehandedly dismantled a once proud franchise…although there’s no reason for me to have to explain myself to an internet troll I’ll let you know I’m perfectly content with the amount of money I have and where my life is at, thanks.

          • Clark

            Everyone has the right to express their opinion, but you have no right to degrade someone just because you feel like they’re doing a bad job. I agree that he’s the worst owner of all time, however I’m not gonna resort to name calling every chance I get! If you had a problem with him be an adult and don’t even think about it, you don’t even like the 9ers anymore so focus on your new team! I’m no troll at all, I simply said that what you were saying wasn’t funny and it was getting annoying just reading it.

            • mcdusty31

              The only thing that isn’t funny is how sad your life must be in order for you to anoint yourself as the jokes and morality police on a sports website…I have legally changed his last name to Dork and I will refer to him as such from here on out so my suggestion is to give your thumbs a little more exercise and move along

              • After hearing all arguments the Court rules in favor of McDusty.

                Clark get over yourself. Who are you to tell anyone they have no right to degrade someone if they do not like the job they are doing? McDusty was obviously joking and is this your first time on a sports blog? Grow up. Fans vent in this way all day. One reason they are in here.

                Clark where do you get off to tell him to be an adult and not think of him or hat he cant think about the 49ers because why? He said he is an ex fan? Well moron he is just pissed at his teams ownership and management and has EVERY right as a fan to do so. Everyone but you gets that he is not really an ex fan. Just saying they suck and he wants them to do good.

                The Court rules Clark is a troll.

                Sentence: Clark must apologize in 24 hours or his blogging privileges are suspended 30 days. And Clark will then have to take an online anti trolling course and provide certificate of completion within 30 days.

              • fisher40

                I wouldn’t worry about that troll. He’s obviously a Feminist who’s had a bad day givin the fact trump got inaugurated today. He has to vent somewhere…

                • mcdusty31

                  I triggered him by changing someone’s name to Dork…he thought I was referring to the slang meaning of dork, which I totally am

  2. Jack

    This relates almost to the news yesterday that Trent Baalke might have taken Brian Gutekunst’s job with the Packers. Hopefully him staying means Baalke stays the hell away.

    • mcdusty31

      Unless they want to bring him in as an anti-consultant…what’s that you ask? It’s a new position I just created where a team will bring in a guy that has failed miserably and find out what his strategy was and then steer the team in the exact opposite direction…next hire for anti-consultant is Matt Millen

  3. Naz51j

    Curious as to why the 49ers are interested in someone from the Vikings for GM… the Vikings haven’t won anything in ages. I thought the 49ers were trying to change their culture, but it seems to be more of the same, as all the winning GM and HC candidates dry up and they end up with the end of the barrel. Isn’t this the same thing that happened in 2014, when they interviewed a bunch of guys and they all said forget it? That’s how the 9ers ended up with Tomsula, isn’t it? Anyway, it feels like more of York’s not knowing what he’s doing, with no real plan or organizational idea of how to make a decision on how to hire or which guy to hire for HC, and/or GM. Now Bradley won’t come to the 9ers… it has to be the lack of a York plan for success and his personality that’s driving away these top end people. There’s something wrong at the top that makes them want to stay away, despite the financial gain. This annual crisis in Santa Clara is annoying and embarrassing for 49ers fans, and there doesn’t appear to be any change in this pattern in sight! Laughingstock is not a good or satisfying moniker for a professional team, or its fans. As a fan of the 49ers, I am embarrassed and upset at the FO ineptness!

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