2017 NFL Draft Order Set

With the Super Bowl in the rear view mirror, the offseason is officially underway for all 32 teams. We now have the complete draft order for the entire first round, with one exception which is noted below.

The Patriots, of course, will have the honor of having the last pick. The Falcons, after losing in heartbreaking fashion, will have the penultimate selection in the first round.

Here is the complete order, via ESPN.com’s Field Yates (Twitter links):

1. Browns

2. 49ers

3. Bears

4. Jaguars

5. Titans

6. Jets

7. Chargers

8. Panthers

9. Bengals

10. Bills

11. Saints

12. Browns

13. Cardinals

T-14. Eagles (via the Vikings)

T-14. Colts (Note: The Vikings and Colts have identical records and the same strength of schedule. The tie will be broke by coin flip with the winner getting pick No. 14 and the other team getting the No. 15 pick.)

16. Ravens

17. Redskins

18. Titans

19. Buccaneers

20. Broncos

21. Lions

22. Dolphins

23. Giants

24. Raiders

25. Texans

26. Seahawks

27. Chiefs

28. Cowboys

29. Packers

30. Steelers

31. Falcons

32. Patriots

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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12 comments on “2017 NFL Draft Order Set

  1. yonniebob

    Don’t the lions have the patriots 7th round pick?

    • mcmillankmm

      Yes, you are correct. The Lions have the Pats’ 7th round pick.

      • yonniebob

        Does that mean they get to pick Mr. Irrelevant or will there be conditional 7th round picks that get tacked on to the end of the 7th round

  2. sufferfortribe

    I wish the Browns would just let me make their first two picks…..or maybe their third and fourth, too.

  3. mrpadre19

    Traderumors needs to change the Chargers name from San Diego to Los Angeles.
    Not that I like that fact…… but it is their name now.

  4. Jay

    I could be way behind on this, but do we know if and when the comp picks are announced? Is the Jamie Collins pick still up in the air between a fourth in ’18 and a 3rd in ’17?

  5. Rick

    It doesn’t matter where the Packers draft. Teddy will trade down for 5 5th round picks. Sick. Same thing every year. Trade Matthews and get some picks for the guy. Packers are in a constant state of rebuilding.


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