Falcons Hire Steve Sarkisian As OC

Now that Kyle Shanahan has officially been named as the new head coach of the 49ers, the Falcons have found themselves a new offensive coordinator. Steve Sarkisian will be the team’s new play caller, Steve Sarkisian (vertical)

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Sarkisian has been putting out feelers to NFL teams for at least a year now. Sarkisian, 43 in March, lost his job at USC amidst allegations that he had a problem with alcohol. Sarkisian’s assistants reportedly believed he was drunk during a contest against Arizona State and, after he was placed on a leave of absence, he reportedly tried to show up to a pre-practice meeting while intoxicated. After that, he took a job with Alabama as an “offensive analyst.” He served as the team’s offensive coordinator for the national title game, replacing Lane Kiffin, and was expected to serve as their OC in 2017. Instead, he’s going pro.

Sarkisian visited the Falcons during Atlanta’s training camp last year and he has a relationship with head coach Dan Quinn. Some expected the team to make an in-house hire, but it seems that Falcons quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur is leaving to become the Rams’ offensive coordinator.

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7 comments on “Falcons Hire Steve Sarkisian As OC

  1. braves77777

    Interesting, I was hoping they were gonna hire within the organization though

  2. TJECK109

    They must not have thought much of LaFleur cause they could have just promoted him and never gave the 49ers a shot. Kind of a shock with Sarkisian leaving Bama. Maybe he didn’t want to end up at FIU trying to reboot his HC experience.

  3. Falcons- the real GOAT of SBLI

    Way to go Falcons. You go from a historic season and minutes away from winning a NFL championship to… blowing it historically, being the butt of choke jokes nationally, and instead of hiring someone within that was apart of the historic season, you then hire a booger eating drunk who has no cred’ to coach a pro team…. Way to go Falcons. Way to go by not forgetting to twist the knife after stabbing the gut of your fan base

  4. Kevin Randolph

    I think Hiring This Sarkasian Character , with a history of drinking problems Is a huge mistake for the Falcon’s. You need to look further for a Creative mindset, and 1 with common sense. Like with ball on the 22 yard line you run 3 times, take time off the clock and kick game clinching FG. How can Atlanta player’s and Arthur Blank EVER trust Quinn again for NOT OVER RIDING THE PASS CALL.? If I’m Arthur Blank Quinn would have to be demoted to DC and a new guy brought in. Quinn had his golden easy moment on the 22 yard line, a 6th grader would have known what to do. This goes way beyond just saying the Falcon’s choked, this guilt is on Shanahan and especially Quinn for not over riding the call. Plain basic strategy you learn In high school football, run , run run , kick winner fg. Arthur Blank Can Never trust Quinn again, EVER!!!!

  5. The Falcons will be just fine it’s the 49’s that are in trouble cause as they get better and have chances to win games the Falcons choke job will be on the 49’S minds

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