49ers Sign QB Matt Barkley

The 49ers are signing quarterback Matt Barkley, reports Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (via Twitter). There hadn’t been any whispers regarding the 26-year-old since free agency started. Matt Barkley (Vertical)

The 2013 fourth-round pick will now be playing for the fourth team of his soon-to-be five-year career. After having played in only four game through his first three seasons in the league, Barkley got an opportunity filling if for an injured Jay Cutler on the Bears last season. The team went 1-5 in the quarterback’s six starts, and he finished the campaign having completed 59.7-percent of his passes for eight touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

This is the second quarterback the 49ers have signed this week, as they previously added veteran Brian Hoyer. Currently, Hoyer and Barkley are the only two quarterbacks on SF’s roster.

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27 comments on “49ers Sign QB Matt Barkley

  1. Thronson5

    Have a feeling he won’t even make the team and if he does he will be inactive every game.

  2. browns

    McCown? Fitzpatrick? Orlovsky? Was Josh Johnson ever a Bear?

    Hell, just sign them all

  3. aarongill

    Id rather have Kap than both of these clowns. Honestly, I liked the moves to get rid of bethea, smith, and Martin, but I don’t like the the qb signings, our WR core just got more depth but not a true #1 WR. We certainly upgraded at FB, nothing to our oline, hodges who played very well, is being replaced by and overpaid Malcolm smith who is a lot worse than him, and still no true #1 corner. Lynchahan are just getting players familiar with Shannahan or depth players, no real big time players
    Iike Pryor or other good players like Claiborne or Hightower or Prince. I’ll give them a B- grade so far.

    • myaccount

      Kaepernick doesn’t fit Shanahan’s offense at all. Barkley is surely a cheap, depth signing with no guarantee of making the roster. Hoyer is a bridge. It makes sense.

      • JT19

        Actually, he does. Shanahan likes to run plays that make the QB mobile (bootlegs for example). He tried doing that two years ago (his first in Atlanta) and Matt Ryan struggled with it. Shanahan adjusted his scheme to involve less QB-movement since it didn’t play to Ryan’s strengths. He could easily still roll with a more in-the-pocket type of scheme, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a more mobile QB to run some of the old plays.

    • Rick

      I agree neither is going to be the solution just fillers but I don’t want Kap back no matter what.

      • Gerard Briggs

        The Niners have a good GM and Coach. You guys will get it turned around. As a player Lynch was tough as nails. He will not tolerate sloppy play from the players and Shanahan has a good offensive mind.

        I’m a Jet fan and will have to wait a year before Bowles and Mac are let go, which should have been done after 2016.

    • cuban1

      Do you even watch football? You would rather have Kap back? I take it you havent noticed that every receiver that was in or went to sf died a painful death statistically with him at qb. Its strange that crabtree thrived once he left, a washed up vernon davis no longer seemed so washed up in washington, and coming soon to the get away from kaepernik and thrive club: torrey smith.

      • aarongill

        Hoyer and Barkley have trouble throwing the deep ball. At least Kap could move out of the pocket unlike them and extend the play and isn’t injury prone. He also had the worst oline in the past 20 years probably in 2015. He hasn’t been given good weapons. Sure he’s not a QB who will single handley lead you to the playoffs but neither will hoyer or Barkley. And I’m just saying that I would rather see another year of Kap then draft a QB in 2018 or sign cousins next year than watch hoyer.

  4. Gerard Briggs

    Reading the articles all day about the QB movement in FA and it told me 1 thing. Way overpaying for QB’s that shouldn’t even be in the NFL. The contracts that these Canadian Football players are signing are absurd. Check that, they are not good enough to play in Canada. This is why we have 7-9 teams making the playoffs. The NFL should do away with the wild card playoffs. They won’t because of the revenue. The play would be a lot better. More like a professional league then a minor league product.

    • tylerall5

      A lot of the teams that have losing records in the playoffs win their division. Wild card teams usually have better records than some division winners.

    • JT19

      It’s called a market. What’s your plan for the teams that don’t already have a good/franchise QB in place? They’re just going to run the wildcat until they do get a QB who, by your standards, is NFL-quality? Let’s say you even got rid of all the bad backups and told all the teams they need to play better. Starting QB salaries would absolutely skyrocket and QBs would be getting paid $30 million if not more.

  5. dust44

    Could do a lot worse as the 3rd QB. Hoyer keeps the seat luke warm for one of the rookies they draft at 3

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