Latest On Browns’ Mitch Trubisky Interest

Earlier today, CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reported the Browns were still mired in a Myles Garrett-vs.-Mitch Trubisky debate despite the former being the consensus top talent in the draft. More came out of Cleveland on Friday night to support the Browns are legitimately considering the North Carolina product.

The team is both pondering a trade-up for the former Cleveland-area high school quarterback and selecting him at No. 1 overall, Mary Kay Cabot of reports. Cabot adds that the pro-Garrett vibes coming out of Sashi Brown‘s Wednesday press conference do not mean the team is going to take the defensive end, noting the Browns are “strongly considering” bypassing the Texas A&M sack artist and selecting Trubisky.

Cleveland’s line of thinking here is believed to be that the pro-Trubisky contingent within the Browns’ decision-making structure is uncertain he will be there at No. 12 and isn’t sure the team will be able to swing a trade back into the top 10 to select him. Sources informed Cabot the team is ready to select its quarterback of the future.

During the second-year GM’s pre-draft presser, Brown said the Browns have “just about finalized” their decision at No. 1. While that was believed to be interpreted as a sign the team was ready to take the best player available, sources told Cabot that Brown may have meant Trubisky is the emerging consensus choice.

Cabot also hears the 49ers are a threat to take Trubisky at No. 2 overall, and that the North Carolina-honed signal-caller won’t last past the Jets at No. 6. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reported earlier this month some Jets officials are high on Trubisky, and Matt Miller of Bleacher Report noted the team could serve as a trade partner for the Browns if they wanted to get back into the top 10.

If the Jets are entertaining the thought of using another high pick on a passer, the Titans hold the No. 5 pick. Tennessee had to surrender a 2016 third-rounder and 2017 second-round choice to Cleveland in order to move from No. 15 to 8 to select Jack Conklin. The price could be similar for the Browns, who have been more known for stockpiling draft picks than trading up for talent since the Brown- and Paul DePodesta-led front office took over.

The Browns have turned down offers for the No. 1 pick, Cabot reports, but after the team traded out of No. 2 last year and passed on Carson Wentz, it’s now poised to make that quarterback pick this year. Cabot adds that the Browns missing out on Trubisky would result in them moving on to Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes — presumably with their No. 12 pick. Of course, a GM told’s Charlie Casserly he believes two quarterbacks would go in the top nine selections. In that scenario, the Browns would have to trade back into the top 10 if they wanted to draft the second-best quarterback on their board.

This would wrap up another complex Browns pre-draft process. Reports about the Browns’ astronomical grade on Garrett and team brass being awed by his Combine showing eventually leading to a Trubisky pick would be quite interesting. As would the possibility that owner Jimmy Haslam, who was possibly connected to having made the decision to trade up for Johnny Manziel in 2014, being involved in the decision-making process, as La Canfora suggests he could be.

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25 comments on “Latest On Browns’ Mitch Trubisky Interest

  1. dust44

    Not sure Trubisky would b a “F up”. He’s easily the best QB available. I’ve seen reports say he’d b the #2 or 3 QB behind Allen next year. Many of QBs with his skill set r very good franchise level QBs in the pros. And let’s face it. Until u have a QB u don’t have a team capable of winning in the playoffs which should b every organizations top goal.

    • dtaylo0699

      Trubisky should not be a top 10 choice. There are a lot better prospects that can certainly make the difference for any team

    • dtaylo0699

      Trubisky should not be a top 10 choice. There are a lot better prospects that can certainly make the difference for any team. To answer to dust44, Trubisky has one season under his belt as a starter in college. That’s it.

    • Sportsguy98

      Mahomes and Watson are better options. They are more seasoned, experienced and would be a better asset. One season in the ACC does not qualify you to lead an NFL team. However it doesn’t matter who they pick if they have garbage on the o-line. Any, and I mean any QB regardless of skill level would have a tough time. The Browns need to do a lot of work before the deserve to pick or sign any QB. From front office flops to head scratching personnel moves, this franchise needs to mature. If not those paper sacks will continue to be proper attire for attending a Browns game.

      • bravesfan88

        I think right away Mahomes, Watson, and even Kaaya might ultimately be better options than Trubisky, but I think Trubisky, IF and only IF he’s coached up well and has time to sit and learn , he will be the best of the bunch in the long run.

      • sufferfortribe

        You must not have been paying attention during the free agency signing period. The Browns signed 2 centers plus the best right guard available.

        Come back when you actually have a clue.

      • believeland

        Might want to reevaluate their O line. They have an easy top-3 line after free agency.

  2. Brad

    The more qbs go early, the better the prospects available to the Eagles!!! Take them all!

  3. padam

    “…despite the former being the consensus top talent in the draft.”

    Are you saying Trubisky is the consensus top talent?

    • bravesfan88

      Garrett was named first, so he would be the former. Trubisky was named last, meaning he would be the latter.

      So, no he had it correct saying Garrett is the top talent.

      • bravesfan88

        A little trick that helps me remember it is (former = “f” for first mentioned
        (latter = “l” for last mentioned

  4. mvottop

    If they really did pass on Garrett and select Trubisky, then they are going to just keep being in the same predicament. I really don’t know how many times they can expect to change the coaching staff, front office, etc. and have any continuity. It doesn’t matter who you bring in, if your owner is going to give his idiotic opinion and make you do stupid things, they are just going to keep ending up in the same spot every year. Seems like that is what they want though. Yeah, then people bash Hue Jackson. He is the one that wants Garrett. But when they draft a qb and suck next year, it will be his ass on the line. The browns are fugged up.

  5. Z-A

    The Browns should select another starter at 12. Not a project. Improve the overall team. Take another defensive player at 12. They have all these picks to fill holes. Need home runs. Trubisky is not a home run. He is Mark Sanchez.

  6. billybosox

    Sashi, Sashi. Defense doesn’t make a splash. People pay to get wet. I hear a QB is a good thing to have. Lol

    • Z-A

      Is anyone buying a Brown’s QB Jersey or are they just putting duct tape over the last one with a new name?

  7. wahoomaniac

    Almost every time ownership gets involved with drafting decisions, it turns out poorly. I was working at a Seattle newspaper when the Seahawks drafted a first-round quarterback. California real-estate guy Ken Behring owned the team, and his neighbor told him about this quarterback he needed to draft. “They can’t bring him down!” the neighbor said. Behring told his GM, Tom Flores, to pick the kid in the first round, and that’s how the Seahawks wound up taking Dan McGwire, who I think was pegged as a fourth-rounder, 16th overall. Needless to say, that was not a smart move.

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