Colin Kaepernick, Seahawks Didn’t Exchange Offers

Likely having closed the door on a Colin Kaepernick addition after signing journeyman Austin Davis, the Seahawks may not have been deep into financial discussions with the 29-year-old quarterback’s camp. Mike Garafolo of tweeted on Friday the Seahawks and Kaepernick were apart on money but took an opportunity Monday to clarify that wasn’t necessarily the case.

Garafolo reports Kaepernick and the Seahawks did not exchange formal offers. While the reporter notes (video link) the sides did discuss expectations of a contract before Kaepernick trekked to Seattle, but numbers-wise, the talks didn’t progress into detail beyond that.’s Jeremy Fowler reported late last month the Seahawks were looking for quarterback help at closer to the veteran minimum, and Garafolo expects Davis’ deal to come in around that. Davis did not see any time last season as the Broncos’ third-string quarterback, and he eventually was waived in December. Garafolo and Steve Wyche note Davis isn’t a lock to wrest the backup job away from Trevone Boykin, either. Wyche also relays an report that indicated more Seahawks fans called the team to voice negative opinions of a Kaepernick addition than vice versa.

A report emerged in March that Kaepernick was potentially seeking low-end starter/high-end backup money, but nothing substantial has come out on that front since. Kaepernick has seen several teams go elsewhere to fill their backup spots, with franchises like the Cowboys and now Seahawks bringing in less accomplished players, and the No. 2 signal-caller market for players like Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III continues to dry up.

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9 comments on “Colin Kaepernick, Seahawks Didn’t Exchange Offers

  1. InvalidUserID

    Good. I’m glad fans voiced their opinions to the team directly instead of randomly on the internet.

    • ChiSoxCity

      I wonder if the fans would “voice their opinions” if the 70% of NFL players who are black silently and peacefully protested police brutality the way Kaepernick did.

      Instead of engaging in dialogue, as Kaepernick intended, fans give into their base instinct and emotion, as Americans tend to do. That’s what makes us so easy to control and manipulate by the elites.

      • leefieux

        Maybe that’s because blacks kill proportionally more blacks than any policemen could. The cops (and the media that pushes that lie) aren’t the real problem.

        Sure, there are bad cops…but nothing like the media makes it out to do.

        If Kaep wanted to protest a problem, he should protest his own race killing each other.

        • OCTraveler

          Since more people are “right handed” and we must assume that ratio carries over to the criminal population, instead of using the race card, why don’t you use your absurd logic and say it is ok to have a bias against Kap because he too is right handed and you could then come up with just another means of showing your ignorance.

  2. Ironman_4life

    Fact check. We can all make this a big political discussion about what’s right and what’s wrong. Fact: had he been doing what he was paid to do and that’s be a football player , he would be the starting qb this year in Frisco. .

  3. Phattey

    Seeing kap opt out of his wealthy contract that paid him over 10 million a year is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve seen an nfl player do since hearing about plaxico burress shooting himself in the leg

    • Hannibal8us

      The 9ers were going to cut him regardless, so he wasn’t going to get that money since it was not guaranteed.

  4. hughcapet987

    Kaepernick was in a perfect situation in SF. No other city would be interested in this anti-American.

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