Jets Claim WR Lucky Whitehead

Lucky Whitehead has been claimed by the Jets, as Ian Rapoport of tweets. After a bizarre week, he’ll do his best to try and forget about everything in a new city. Lucky Whitehead (vertical)

Whitehead, a return specialist, had a warrant issued for his arrest earlier this week in connection with a shoplifting charge and a missed arraignment. Trouble is, the cops had the wrong man. The alleged robber apparently gave the police Whitehead’s date of birth and social security number, allowing him to skip town. Whitehead swore to the Cowboys that he had nothing to do with what he was being charged for, but the team waived him before allowing things to shake out.

On Wednesday morning, Whitehead’s agent said that his client did not want to play for the Cowboys anymore after they effectively called him “a liar.” He got his wish and he’ll now go from one of the league’s most talented squads to one of it’s least talented teams.

I can’t speak for Lucky, we’d have to have a conversation about it because he loved being a Cowboy so much. I can’t put into words — this dude loved it, loved it as much as I’ve ever had a player love an organization. Loved it,agent David Rich said. “This guy was arguably the most popular player on the team, which is interesting to have this happen to him, but I don’t think so. . . . [Whitehead and coach Jason Garrett] basically sat across the table, eye to eye, man to man, and he said, ‘I need you to believe me, coach.’ And they said, ‘We think you’re a liar.’”

Between 2015 and 2016, Whitehead averaged 25.6 yards per kick return and 6.9 yards per punt return. Jets fans shouldn’t expect to see him do much on offense, however. He had just nine receptions for 64 yards.

Whitehead’s place on the Jets’ 53-man roster is not a certainty, but he has a better chance of making the final cut than he did in Dallas.

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10 comments on “Jets Claim WR Lucky Whitehead

  1. TJECK109

    Ok let’s say it’s not whitehead that committed the crime. How does the guy have his date of birth and social? I mean cyber criminals don’t usually get caught shoplifting

  2. Phattey

    Really hope he just kills the game for the jets and makes the Cowboys regret cutting him

  3. Bonerfrank

    Lol he was getting cut anyways, ppl find anything and everything to complain about. Its a common trend with winners. (eg. Dallas Cowboys, Donald Trump, America, Texas, White People, ect. ect)

    • Chris

      lol cmon bro. Give this guy a break. Who wouldn’t be salty about a week in which you had your dog stolen and got fired on your day off. Then your boss points out that one time you were late to justify it and brings up attitude issues. Pretty lame by the Cowboys here, and quite hypocritical when it comes to there usual stance on legal issues

  4. Breezy

    Who. Cares. At the end of the day, Butler, Switzer, and Brown show more promise on actual OFFENSE as a wideout. He was expendable to begin with.

  5. LA Sam

    He was heart n soul of the team! Boys go 7-9, Zeke gets suspended n Dak throws more picks than TDs……T-O-N-Y……T-O-N-Y….sorry Dallas!

  6. Cougar1

    I mean for an orgization to call him a liar, there’s more to the story. His dog got stolen and then cut. Hope in works out in NY!

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