49ers To Acquire QB Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49ers have agreed to acquire quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from the Patriots in exchange for a 2018 second-round pick, tweets Adam Schefter of ESPN.com. San Francisco owns two 2018 second-rounders, but New England will acquire the 49ers’ original pick, per Schefter (Twitter link)."<strong

The deal is a stunning transaction on multiple levels, but perhaps the most curious aspect of the trade is that New England hadn’t expressed in any interest in moving Garoppolo despite the presence of Tom Brady under center. Bill Belichick & Co. reportedly rejected multiple trade offers in exchange for Garoppolo before the draft, and instead dealt third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett before the season began.

But instead of potentially using the franchise tag on Garoppolo next spring before trying to trade him, New England has moved him now following talks that began Monday morning, per Schefter (Twitter link). The fourth-year pro will head to San Francisco, where he’ll become the starting quarterback under head coach Kyle Shanahan not only for the rest of the 2017 campaign, but for the foreseeable future.

Garoppolo, of course, offers limited NFL experience, as he’s spent the majority of his Patriots tenure as Brady’s understudy. But the Eastern Illinois product was able to start two games for New England in 2016 while Brady was serving a four-game suspension. While Garoppolo played well in his time on the field, he was injured early in his second start, meaning the regular season film on him is extremely limited.

The 49ers will also need to work out an extension for Garoppolo, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent next season. While San Francisco could use the franchise tag in 2018, the club presumably wouldn’t have traded for Garoppolo if it didn’t have every intention of handing him a long-term contract. The 49ers rank in the top-five of cap space in each of the next three seasons, meaning they have ample funds to spend on their new signal-caller.

San Francisco’s acquisition of Garoppolo also has wide-ranging implications for the rest of the league and the 2018 quarterback market. Given the presence of Shanahan, the 49ers have long been viewed as the No. 1 destination for Redskins passer Kirk Cousins, who will become a free agent next spring barring a third consecutive franchise tender. San Francisco is now out of the Cousins equation, making next year’s open market all the more complicated.

The Patriots, meanwhile, are clearly banking on Brady (now age-40) playing for several more seasons, something he’s vowed to do. In the near-term, New England will need to add another quarterback, as Brady is now the only signal-caller on the club’s roster. The Pats auditioned several signal-callers, including Matt Barkley and Matt McGloin, earlier this year.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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46 comments on “49ers To Acquire QB Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. WalkersDayOff

    Makes no sense for the 49ers. This draft is loaded with QBs with a higher upside than Garoppolo. They also wont be competitive any time in the next 3 years regardless of who is QB

    • Clark K

      Literally dumbest thing I’ve heard all day, please name 1 QB in college that hasn’t been complete crap compared to the hype. Rosen and Darnold awful look at their QBR and what they’ve done which is nothing, the best QB in the draft is Baker Mayfield and he’s nowhere close as good as Jimmy so shut up and sit down

      • mgrap84

        I think it was a good move. Why wait for the draft for a chance to get a maybe good QB when you get a QB that is ready to go and can definitely help the team. Im with you on this one.

      • JT19

        I would hardly declare Baker Mayfield the best QB in the draft. He’s talented but with every college QB from a spread offense you have to wonder whether or not their skills will actually translate. This year in particular, he does a good job of coming through in the clutch but the reason so many games are close is because the offense seems to take the foot off the pedal. Whether that is Mayfield taking it easy or the playcalling, who knows, but it definitely doesn’t look good either way.

        • Clark K

          I may hav misspoke as of right now and this season Mayfield is playing as the best QB out of him, Rosen, Darnold, Allen, Jackson, higher completion percentage, fewer Interceptions and higher QBR. And regarding the close games I’d rather have a close game and win than to lose (Rosen, Darnold). When it comes to NFL I gotta say I believe Lamar Jackson will be the best QB, with mayfield a close second

      • WalkersDayOff

        Do you know what higher upside means? Of course right not a college QB is not better than a 4 year NFL QB. You must not understand the concept of how a rebuild works. If this were a Arizona, Buffalo or Jacksonville this move would be fine. But a rebuilding team should not be trading whats basically a late 1st round pick for a QB who is unproven and will demand a big contract. Sorry you form a respectable argument and just resort to name calling

        • Clark K

          I understand how a rebuild works, I also understand the 9ers have more cap room than they know how to spend it, It’s a brilliant move for the 9ers saw the “top” QBs weren’t performing so a couple games or not they went with a guy who showed he can win and play well in the NFL where as those guys can’t play well in college, if you can speed up the rebuild by a couple years it makes everyone in the organization happier along with the fans

  2. dgk71

    Way to go Sashi – no need for Jimmy when you have record setting Kizer leading our charge to history.

    • JT19

      Cleveland is better off using one of their multiple first rounders on a QB in this draft as opposed to trading for Garoppolo. Garoppolo might be a safer option, but the pending contract he will need could come back to haunt the 49ers if he doesn’t pan out.

  3. partyatnapolis

    cleveland should have done this. they have like 3 1st rounders and 2 2nd rounders.

  4. tyronbiggums

    As a pats fan I’m shocked. I would have preferred to keep jimmy. I was hoping for defensive help instead of a pick but I’m not BB

    • Clark K

      Clearly not a pats fan or at least a smart one if you wanted to keep Jimmy if you look at what Glennon got nearly 50M Jimmy was gonna top that and no they aren’t the bears and gonna pay someone 50M to be a backup. Could include Ray Ray or one of the young DL. Or if it doesn’t go out in FA and grab Ayers

      • stug14

        That would be the ultimate slap in the face. But it is possible he walks after this season.

        • brood550

          Why would he stay? The 49ers are terrible. If he does plan to stay, expect him to sign after the draft to see what they acquire to help him.

  5. Thronson5

    Didn’t see this coming at all. Good move though for the 9ers, they can sign him to an extension, focus on their horrible O Line and horrible Secondary in the draft and in free agency and definitely get another WR. We all know they still have the draft picks and money to turn it around. Think for sure they won’t be going after Cousins now which is fine by me because this is the cheaper route. I just hope they get the guy some protection! I also think this opens the door for them to trade their first pick to a QB hungry team.

    • water boy

      Hey horder-Do you actually watch any football? System QB like asterisks boy?
      I assume you are talking about Tom
      Plays outside in the Northeast.(it snows here)
      Has had multiple years of receivers that were castoffs from other teams. Is in the top five of every QB rating category and statistics of all time and he’s a system QB?
      Played in 7 Super Bowls, MVP IN 4 of those Super Bowls, league MVP twice. So sure he’s a system QB. You haters kill me. Do you realize how stupid you sound?

        • jeff santos

          I agree system qb. how about when he went 16-0 and choked with the alltime best offense in nfl history? yeah lacking in talent there…;) yeah he won 3 of those SB thanks to his kicker.

  6. jmi1950

    Hoyer was released with a buy out so the Pats can sign him for the minimum. Already knows the plays and would love a chance at a ring.

  7. stug14

    Loaded QB draft coming up. With how bad the 49ers are, that’s likely the top pick in the 2nd round. Pats hate to pay people, much less franchise a QB who will sit behind Brady for 2-3 more years. This pick could well be used to get TY Hilton or a LB.

    I hate to see Jimmy go, but I get it. I think this also tells us that a) Pats think Brady is good to go for a few more years and b) those reports about an offer of multiple 1st round picks last year was BS.

  8. Breezy

    Hopefully SF makes out well in this for their sake. But, I really believe Jimmy G was a product of a good system put in place around him that gave him success in his appearances as a Patriot.

  9. madmanTX

    After all those concussions Brady has been hiding, he’s probably one more away from remembering his own playbook.

  10. bucsfan

    Cousins can now look forward to playing for the Browns, Jets, or Jaguars!

  11. Gary333

    So when are we gonna hear the media crying foul when BB signs some other qb other than Kaepernick!! Lol!!

  12. Polish Hammer

    And after all that talk about 2 or 3 first rounders they get exactly what he’s worth, one very high 2nd.

  13. rper4182

    Jimmy G was never going to play as long as Brady was there and we got a high 2nd rounder. Good deal.

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