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The Browns dominated the news cycle on Thursday by canning top decision maker Sashi Brown and, hours later, replacing him with ex-Chiefs GM John Dorsey. On Friday morning, owner Jimmy Haslam formally announced Dorsey as the team’s new GM and shed some light on the team’s power structure going forward. Here’s a look at the highlights from Haslam plus more news on the Browns’ future plans:

  • Haslam says the current plan is for head coach Hue Jackson, Dorsey, and executive Paul DePodesta to report to ownership (Twitter link via Andrew Gribble of “[Hue] and John will be working closely together for a long time,” Haslam said.
  • Because DePodesta reports directly to Haslam, Dorsey will not have the authority to fire him, Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer hears. The Browns also want to keep Andrew Berry as the Vice President of Player Personnel. Dorsey, will have the opportunity to hire and fire others in the personnel department, but it sounds like he has been asked to work with both DePodesta and Berry.
  • Haslam reiterated that Jackson will be the coach in 2018. He then went a step further, adding: “I think it would be a mistake to just zero in on ’18. We’re planning on Hue Jackson being our football coach for a long time,” Haslam said (Twitter link via’s Pat McManamon).
  • Dorsey has control over the 53-man roster in his contract, sources tell Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero of (on Twitter). That means he’ll run the draft, free agency, and all other facets of constructing the team. In Kansas City, coach Andy Reid had control over the 53-man roster.
  • The failed A.J. McCarron trade on the Oct. 31 NFL trade deadline had nothing to do with the team beginning to pursue Dorsey five or six weeks ago, Haslam insists (Twitter link via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon-Journal).
  • Things reached a boiling point between Jackson and Brown in August when the team cut cornerback Joe Haden, despite already having plenty of cap space, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports hears. Jackson’s frustration was later compounded when Haden signed with the rival Steelers. Jackson was also riddled with anxiety on draft day since the front office was undecided about the No. 1 overall pick until the morning of the draft. The latest source of tension came from the McCarron deal. Robinson hears that some senior members of the coaching staff felt that Brown had either gotten cold feet or purposely sabotaged the trade.
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5 comments on “Latest On Browns, John Dorsey

  1. lucienbel

    The failed McCarron trade may not have been the sole reason, but I’m sure it was that compounded with the failed everything else. Not a Browns fan, but would like to see them become competitive again. Those fans have been through plenty and it’d be fun to watch them win a few.

    • Polish Hammer

      Exactly, their fans deserve better. They’re true fans and have been kicked in the teeth with losing their team to watch them win the Suoer Bowl elsewhere and then getting this horrible franchise that runs the cycle of new GM, new coach and new QB constantly.

  2. Strauss

    Cleveland fans deserve a better owner than the two jokes that own the team now. There’s more jokes about the Browns than in a Comic book

  3. DonKieballs

    I hate the fact that anyone reports directly to Haslam. They need to have everyone in the front office report to Dorsey. Haslam clearly has no idea what he’s doing so why would anyone report to him? What the hell is he going to tell Depodesta? He needs to do his best to put the people in place with the best chances of succeeding and go home.

    It’s like any one of us trying to build a franchise with our only football experience being connected franchise mode in madden. That’s actually probably more football experience than Haslam has.

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