Hue Jackson To Coach Browns in 2018

After the Browns fell to the Steelers, 28-24, to become the second 0-16 team in NFL history, team owner Jimmy Haslam told reporters, including Mary Kay Cabot of (Twitter link), that head coach Hue Jackson will return as head coach in 2018. Hue Jackson (featured)

Haslam also said he doesn’t believe “Jackson hasn’t lost his magic,” and that he is working well with new general manager John Dorsey.

Since taking over at the beginning of the 2016 season, Jackson has managed just a 1-31 record as head coach. Following the loss in the season finale, Jackson told reporters the team wasn’t as far away from competing as many people think they are and that the difference will be the addition of Dorsey. The former Chiefs GM took over after the team parted ways with Sashi Brown earlier in the season.

Shortly after the hiring of Dorsey, questions began to swirl about Jackson’s future in Cleveland, with many thinking the new GM wanted to hire his own coach. Haslam, however, has stated all along he planned to bring back Jackson, and Dorsey later dispelled the rumors. There were even rumors of the Browns trading Jackson to the Bengals, the team in which he served as offensive coordinator before moving to Cleveland.

Jackson has stood firm in his commitment to Cleveland. He was reportedly not interested in the Bengals job after Marvin Lewis announced he was leaving. He told reporters on Sunday, “I don’t think anyone else could’ve done this job for the past two years.” He also added, “We’re going to get this organization to winning as soon as possible.”

With the loss on Sunday, the Browns will hold the No. 1 pick, which they will presumably use to take one of UCLA’s Josh Rosen or USC’s Sam Darnold, should they declare for the draft. Thanks to a draft-day deal in 2016, the team will also holds Houston’s first-round selection, the No. 4 overall pick. Also loaded with tons of caps space, the Browns are set up to make strides in Jackson’s third season.




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30 comments on “Hue Jackson To Coach Browns in 2018

  1. 101reklaw

    I’m sorry. Any coach that goes 1-31 has to be gone. Most guys that won 4 or 5 games were fired.

      • card collector18

        Yet they were supposed to make something of all these draft picks and promising players. He should be fired

        • ThePriceWasRight

          how do you turn garbage into gold? Dorsey realizes most of the moves that would have made the team better that were negated were by brown not the coach. Jackson wanted wentz, Jackson wanted to trade for McCarran. It was the front office that made this mess. give him a decent roster and see what he doest the first half of next season.

          • akaydn

            If the roster doesn’t show progress next year then Hue will be gone. Keeping the HC of the previous regime gives Dorsey a scapegoat if he doesn’t pick the right players this year.

        • mcdusty31

          All these draft picks? Honestly it takes a few years for a draft class to shake out one way or another…the last couple of drafts have been better but the ones before that were pretty desolate…I like the fact that they are giving him another go, the Browns have been an embarrassment as far as the revolving door at HC goes…it will be a make or break season for him next year though

      • Polish Hammer

        He sat in his job interview and knew what lineup he had and promised results, 1-31 ought to have him canned.

    • bigjonliljon

      Normally I’d agree. The front office gave him no players to be successful with. Let’s see what they add and draft.

      • Thronson5

        I laugh at people that say to fire a coach when they have no talent. He’s suppose to win with the garbage he’s been given? Let’s see you go do a better job. You couldn’t. Not sure any coach could. There are good coaches that even have bad year because their roster has a bunch of injuries. Guess those coaches should be fired. Guess the Packers should fire their coach. You can only do so much with what you’re given, Dorsey himself even said the front office did a horrible job and didn’t go out and get REAL players. Let’s him go get Jackson some real players and see what he can do. I think he will do good if given a decent roster.

    • pohsib_54

      It sends the message that failure is acceptable in this organization, that is why they are where they are now.

    • chgobangbang

      Hardest part for Jackson will be keeping his yap shut on personnel decisions. Dorsey may ask his input but GM will have final say .Dorsey was brought in to clean house and was told Ego was his coach. New GM will want his own head coach so Ego just keeping seat warm till he gets axed soon. Ego has no one left to throw under the bus, 1 win in 2 season with all those draft choices is coaching fault

  2. leprechaun

    They didn’t lose just because of inferior players they lost also because of terrible coaching. I watched the whole Browns vs Bears game and can tell you Jackson made Fox look like a great HC and he is terrible himself

  3. julyn82001

    Hue was .500 when coaching the Raiders. He wanted to have a handle on personnel decisions as well and mostly because of that he was let go after his only season in Oakland. Jackson has what it takes to manage a football team, no question ask! It is just a matter of providing HJ with the right tools…

    • Polish Hammer

      He knew what tools he’d have when he took the job. A pee wee football coach could do better than 1-31.

    • chgobangbang

      Julyn is Hue Jackson’s reply! Get da F out of Cleveland dude you r dah worst coach in last 5 years

  4. sufferfortribe

    “I don’t think anyone else could’ve done this job for the past two years.”

    He’s right about that. It’s hard to lose that many games.

  5. partyatnapolis

    for everyone who says “oh he has bad players” or “the browns roster is the worst”, just remember the browns had more wins as an expansion team in 1999 than they have in TWO years with jackson. the 99-00 browns were 5-27, hue is 1-31.

  6. renegadescoach

    And there’s the problem with the Browns: ownership. Haslam has no idea how to run an NFL team. The Browns are a joke and it’s on him. The fans deserve better.

  7. TJECK109

    There is no excusing 1-31 record. None. Don’t want to hear about bad rosters etc. This is a coach that couldn’t even determine who his starting QB was. He bounced from his 2nd round pick to another to another then had the season starter as the 3rd QB and then he finishes the season with him as the starter again.

    I guess now that Kizer threw for 300 yards and Gordon managed to stay clean they are going to be an improved team. I would love to know what Hasslams expectations are for next season.

    I think Hasslam is more worried about Jackson leaving and improving more than he is about how he will do with the Browns next year.

  8. Strauss

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! 1-31 record and he’s coming back. Only with the Browns sports fans.

  9. Peterd

    This is footballs version of the baseball movie “ Major League “. This organization is committed to losing. After all Hue “ hasn’t lost his magic “ or won a game in over a year.
    Somebody should tie a concrete block to his leg when he takes this dip in the lake.

  10. bush5104

    If anyone needs fired, it’s Haslam. Jackson wanted Wentz and Watson, but Haslam put his nose into something he didn’t need to. Leave the coaching and evaluating to the staff. You keep owning the team and make your millions.

    • mcdusty31

      Yeah if anything he’s letting him come back out of guilt for robbing him of his preferred QB in the draft two years in a row

  11. Connorsoxfan

    I don’t think even a good coach like Belichick could’ve done better than 4-28 given what the Browns putting on the field. I see no issue with giving Jackson one season with a legitimate roster before making a decision. If they win less than 6 games next year he should be canned regardless of whether or not it’s his fault. At that point it’s just a losing culture and time for a shakeup. I have faith in Dorsey to draft well and make a couple win now moves with that cap space, so we’ll see.

    • Polish Hammer

      The problem is you now have a GM putting his flavor on it and still have an old ineffective coach in the way. If he continues to do poorly and they fire him next year you’ve wasted a year that could’ve been spent with a new coach in place and moves tailored to his style.

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