Bengals Negotiating DC Deal With Teryl Austin

A sought-after name on the HC interview circuit in recent offseasons, Teryl Austin may be backing off those pursuits for the time being.

While he interviewed for the Lions’ HC job, the Bengals are negotiating with Austin to become their next defensive coordinator, Ian Rapoport of tweets, adding the deal is not yet finalized but that could be imminent.

The Bengals interviewed Austin on Friday; he’s the only candidate the franchise has interviewed thus far in the process. The Lions blocked Austin from interviewing with the Packers but did not stand in the way of their DC speaking with Cincinnati representatives.

Rapoport notes (via Twitter) Austin is not yet eliminated for the Lions’ HC job, but he’s likely headed to western Ohio if he doesn’t get that job. Matt Patricia‘s viewed as the Detroit favorite.

The 52-year-old assistant’s been the Lions’ DC for the past four seasons. Prior to that, he spent three seasons in command of the Ravens’ secondary. Austin, who also oversaw the Seahawks’ and Cardinals’ secondaries during the 2000s, conducted a whopping 12 HC interviews over the past three offseasons. He spoke with the Rams and Chargers last season only to see those teams move in different directions.

Austin’s Lions defenses have not been top-tier units over the past three seasons. Statistically, they topped out at No. 18 in 2015 and ’16 in total defense before dropping to 27th in that category this season. In 2014, though, the Lions finished second in total defense to put Austin on the HC map.

The Bengals had hoped to keep Paul Guenther in charge of their defense, but he plans to join Jon Gruden’s staff in Oakland. Cincinnati also sought Bears DC Vic Fangio, but it appears Bengals brass is ready to hire Austin.

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5 comments on “Bengals Negotiating DC Deal With Teryl Austin

  1. captainchaos55

    Why is ok to only interview 1 person when that 1 person is a black man? I don’t mean this to be racist at all. But it should work both directions. Now .. I like the hire if it happens but I’m just stating the hypocrisy of the system. Just my opinion.

    • tsolid

      Yea… you’re right. White men are severely under represented in the coaching industry. God forbid they get overlooked in certain cases.

      • itslonelyatthetrop

        I don’t think by interviewing one person, you’re overlooking another.

  2. Dtownwarrior78

    No, he is correct! The NFL is making a mockery of this “Rooney” BS! If you are Teryl Austin and you’ve had THIRTEEN INTERVIEWS in 3 years and you’re no closer you a HC job, would you honestly see the rule as “working”? Of course not, b/c it’s NOT! If you’re white and you’re a great coach and the front office loves you, then you shouldn’t have to interview anyone else. If you’re black and they love you, then hire him! Plain and simple. As far as Austin goes being a Lion’s fan, I’m wishing him the best. I see this as a sure sign that Patricia is heading to DET after the playoffs, butt Austin is a great defensive mind and I hope maybe he can take over in CIN after they move Lewis to the front office! Good luck TA!


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