Packers Sign Mike McCarthy To Extension

Mike McCarthy is not a lame duck in Green Bay. The Packers have given the head coach a one-year extension to take him through the 2019 season, according to Rob Demovsky of (Twitter link). Demovsky hears that the extension was actually signed during the season, but word of the deal did not leak out until today. Mike McCarthy

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The Packers are making some major changes this season as Ted Thompson moves from GM to a different role, but McCarthy has been given some additional security. This year, the Packers missed the playoffs for just the third time since 2006, so the team is not automatically hitting the panic button.

McCarthy owns a 121-70-1 record in his 12-year run as head coach, including a Super Bowl victory in the 2010 season. He’ll look to get the Packers back on track in 2018, though he’ll be doing it with a new defensive staff after the firing of coordinator Dom Capers and other assistants. On the other side of the ball, the Packers are expecting to have a healthy Aaron Rodgers under center and that should help more than anything.

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19 comments on “Packers Sign Mike McCarthy To Extension

  1. Kenleyfornia74

    Ughhh. McCarthy has really become stale for the Packers. Should have moved on years ago

    • Marytown1

      Yeah there’s probably 25 teams that would love to have him as their coach. Good idea

      • Kenleyfornia74

        Let them have him. Aaron Rodgers prime has been wasted away. Any other coach and its at least 2 championships. He singlehandedly lost them a superbowl trip in Seattle. Should have gone for 2 instead of OT in Arizona, and many more blunders

        • ynot988

          Yeah when McCarthy missed that tackle on lynch and let that game winning TD float over his head after dropping the onside kick he really single handedly lost that Seattle game. Surprised they kept him on the field after so many blunders. Such a jerk, should be fired…..

          • Kenleyfornia74

            Your telling me running right up the middle 3 straight times for 3 drives in a row had no impact on the game. Yes he didn’t drop the onside kick, but it should not have got there. He was afraid of the LOB. He turned off Rodgers at the most crucial part of the game

            • brewcrew08

              Pretty sure MM runs the offense and they have been elite in his tenure. Of course that has a lot to do with Rodgers but to say MM ‘wasted’ the best years of Rodgers isn’t right. Pretty sure our defense that has consistently ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league has everything to do with it.

            • brewcrew08

              It shouldn’t have been to that point I agree. Our defense got gashed late as always and Bostick was supposed to be blocking for Jordy to field the ball. Can’t blame the coach for a players screw up.

    • 11Bravo

      Oh God stop already. You’re the kind of Packers fan that makes the rest look dumb. You have to be one of the fans who was calling for Davante Adams to be released in 2015

      • Kenleyfornia74

        I love Adams actually. But thats not important. And any packers fan who is fine with this stale HC is just not paying attention. McCarthy has done NOTHING other than 2010. Thats all to show for being a top seed many times and having a HOF qb. For some reason every other HC is held accountable but not to the Packers fans nope.

        • 11Bravo

          Dude, you’re an idiot if you blame the shortcomings of this team on McCarthy. He runs the offense and the offense is consistently in the top echelon of the league. The defense on the other hand is what’s kept the team back. They got gouged by the Giants after winning 15 games, then got lit up by the 49ers. Give this team a top 10 defense and they’re back in the SB.

          • Kenleyfornia74

            Lol 12 years he has been the head coach. Like it or not its really getting stale. He is not even close to belichik who is the only guy out there that justifiys this long of a tenure.

      • Kenleyfornia74

        Packers are owned by the city and every fans voice matters. I am sorry you are content with the same garbage year after year. Look at what a change at HC did for the Rams. It would do the same thing in GB

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