Ted Thompson Out As Packers GM

The Packers are now searching for a new general manager after Ted Thompson is expected to take a new role in the organization, sources tell NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport (Twitter link). Ted Thompson

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen confirmed Thompson will assume a new role within the team and the front office will undergo an overhaul, led by team president Mark Murphy (Twitter link).

Thompson has operated as the team’s general manager since 2005 and has been with the team through two stints since 1992. In his first NFL Draft, Thompson selected Aaron Rodgers with the 24th overall pick. Green Bay has been among the best teams in the draft since Thompson’s arrival, plucking stars like Clay Matthews and Jordy Nelson.

Under Thompson’s watch, the team advanced to the playoffs nine times and won the Super Bowl in 2010. The Packers missed the postseason for the first time since 2008 when it finished 7-9 in 2017.

There are several internal candidates to keep an eye on to take over as general manager, including director of college scouting Brian Gutekunst, director of football operations Eliot Wolf and vice president of football administration/player finance Russ Ball, Rapoport reports (Twitter link). Mortensen reported all three are expected to receive new duties with the change. (Twitter link). The team is expected hire a true general manager and will not operate with all three in the position, ESPN’s Jason Wilde reports (Twitter link).

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17 comments on “Ted Thompson Out As Packers GM

  1. Kenleyfornia74

    Doesn’t matter as long as McCarthy is still coaching. They will never win with that dude as HC

      • Kenleyfornia74

        With a more competent head coach they would have at least 2 super bowls. Imagine if Mcvay or Shanahan had Rodgers and their offensive guys.

    • Birdman1182

      could not agree more. Never seen such a play NOT to lose mentality in all my life.

      • JT19

        So the Packers should just play to lose, aka rebuild? I mean if you’re referring to the past few weeks with Hundley at the helm, I don’t know what you were expecting. I mean if McCarthy was just going to play to not lose, he wouldn’t give Rodgers the freedom and big-play ability that he does.

        • Kenleyfornia74

          He plays not to lose. McCarthy has been the conservative king over his packers tenure. When they are up late its always 3 runs right up the middle. He never lets Rodgers have the freedom to end a game with a 1st round. McCarthy calls games like a scared little girl. Look at the Seattle nfc championship game

          • JT19

            If thats the case, shouldn’t Rodgers be audibling out of the obvious up the middle run if the defense is ready for it? The way you’re explaining it, which makes perfect sense and I get what you’re saying, is that he should open up the playbook a little more and maybe call a few passes in there during crunch time. I agree but you have to weigh the pros/cons of running the clock or going for the bigger play which could result in an incomplete pass and no time being run off. The defense is the bigger issue. You need a good defense in order to be a serious contender in this league. The Jaguars are the near perfect example of this. The way they call plays is so that Bortles doesn’t lose them the game (aka play not to lose). Their defense has carried them basically all year.

            • Birdman1182

              so by playing not to lose they put the game in the hands of the defense you admit to being incompetent, and that is a good strategic mentality how?

            • justinept

              There are multiple ways to coach “not to lose.” But the worst way is when you have a stronger side of the ball, but you’re afraid to let that side win you the game. The Packers are afraid to let their offense win them the game. The Jags are the opposite. They let their defense win for them.

      • justinept

        John Fox is available if you’re looking to find someone is more “coach not to lose” than McCarthy …

  2. jjgreedy

    This is shaping up to be one of the best holiday seasons I’ve had in a very long time. Now it’s Elliot Wolfs time to shine.

  3. CubsRebsSaints

    I don’t watch every Packers’ game, but this move HAS to be in the right direction. Who has 0 RB’s on the roster and passes on Dalvin Cook with a early 2nd round pick? This guy. McCarthy has to be. Enter with this guy not being his GM.

    • sidewinder11

      In his defense, he drafted Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams later on who both showed some potential this year when healthy

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