Dolphins Still Shopping WR Jarvis Landry?

When the Dolphins slapped Jarvis Landry with the franchise tag earlier this evening, it was assumed that the wideout would remain with the organization through at least the 2018 season. However, Mike Florio of says the receiver could be shipped out in a trade as early as this offseason.

Jarvis Landry (vertical)A league source told Florio that the “quick tag” can be attributed to the team’s desire to trade Landry. A deal couldn’t be completed until Landry signs his tender, and Florio believes a trade would be unlikely unless the wideout agrees to a long-term contract with his new squad. Either way, a trade wouldn’t be completely unexpected, as there were whispers that the Dolphins were shopping Landry prior to last season’s trade deadline.

After the two sides failed to make any progress following months of negotiations, the Dolphins surprisingly franchised Landry earlier this evening. The one-year tender is estimated to be worth approximately $16.23MM, which should satisfy the wideout for the time being. Landry’s camp was previously seeking $30MM in guaranteed money and an average salary of $14MM, a pair of numbers that would rank in the top-five among receivers.

As our own Zach Links noted earlier tonight, league rules indicate that the Dolphins have until July 16 to agree on a long-term contract with Landry. If there is no compromise, Landry will play under the one-year deal, and the two sides cannot resume negotiations until after the season.

After two straight 1,000-yard campaigns, Landry finished the 2017 season with 987 receiving yards. The 25-year-old did compile a league-leading 112 receptions and a career-high nine receiving touchdowns, earning him his third-straight Pro Bowl nod.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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17 comments on “Dolphins Still Shopping WR Jarvis Landry?

  1. jacobsigel1025

    Landry makes sense to me in Baltimore the most; Maclin will be 30 when the season starts and Wallace is older. Both are on the decline. Perriman hasn’t done jack squat. They need some good youth at the position for Flacco for a 9-7 that wasn’t far from the playoffs.

  2. itslonelyatthetrop

    Chicago or San Francisco needs a #1 receiving option like him.

    • chgobangbang

      Agree but I’m not comfortable with giving him #1 dough when bears need more than just him

      • itslonelyatthetrop

        And the McCaskeys aren’t comfortable giving him dough, period.

  3. jb19

    It will be interesting to see if Landry can get that deal he seeks from a team willing to trade for him. I can see a high 2nd round draft pick for Landry, but top 5 money for Landry may be hard for the trading team to agree to. But SF, with Garapollo and the need/cap room, seems like a match.

    • benny

      Dallas doesn’t plus dez might not be there have cap space chitown I’m sure would be interested

      • justinkm19

        Is that English? Dallas can open up 8 million just by re-doing Dez’ contract. There’s always cap available

    • Braves Homer

      It’s time Deez moves to slot receiver like Fitzgerald did to revive his career…would make Landry a pointless add

      • chgobangbang

        Dez too selfish to do that and if jones had any sack they’d send dez packing

        • Braves Homer

          We’ll see, Dak simply doesn’t throw to Dez as a deep threat. If he doesn’t move to the inside it’s simply not gonna work

    • JT19

      With what cap space? Eventually all the dead money that teams like Dallas and Pittsburgh push back will come back to hurt them. Dallas still has to consider new contracts for Zach Martin and DeMarcus Lawrence while also adding more pieces around the team. Cole Beasley isn’t anything special, but there’s no reason to part with draft picks and give Landry a big contract to play the slot when Beasley can do some of the same at a much cheaper price.

    • ab3b29

      Dallas doesn’t need another possession receiver. They need a speed threat.

    • planetsabc

      He just isn’t that good though. Lot of short reciever friendly routes and pick-esque plays used to get open, doesn’t get open much on the deep routes he runs, and doesn’t get as much RAC after he should. He is the only reciever in NFL history to have 100+ receptions and under 1000 rec yards. Schemed open, A lot…

  4. Braves Homer

    49ers with Landry being the slot/possession receiver with Marquis Goodwin on the outside deep threat, then add an upside #1 receiver or back in draft..oh man fantasy players would rejoice ha

  5. Sam

    Send him to the bears, 14m aav and 30m guaranteed? Done. Perfect safety valve for Trubisky and he’d be less overpaid than the remaining FA WR options and the wr talent in the draft appears overvalued as well. Bears need to draft secondary and linebackers in 1 and 2, trade that 4th for Landry, sign DL in FA and then celebrate

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