Eagles Open To Trading QB Nick Foles

The Eagles are expected to receive trade interest in quarterback Nick Foles this offseason, and they’re open to dealing their backup signal-caller for the right price, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com (video link).Nick Foles (Vertical)

Following Carson Wentz‘s ACL tear, Foles led Philadelphia to a 2-1 record during the final three games of the regular season, and posted five touchdowns against two interceptions during that time. The 29-year-old Foles further stepped up his performance during the Eagles’ first two postseason contests, as he’s managed a 77.8% completion rate, three touchdowns, and no picks.

Although the 2018 quarterback market boasts several competent alternatives, Foles would offer a cheap stop-gap option. While he’s technically signed through 2021, the 2019-21 campaigns are void years. An acquiring club would be picking up Foles for only one season (barring an extension), during which he’d earn a $4MM base salary ($3MM of which is fully guaranteed) and a $3MM roster bonus. The Eagles would take on the remaining signing bonus proration of Foles’ contract, which amounts to $2.4MM.

It’s unclear what kind of return Philadelphia could hope to reap in exchange for Foles. While he’s been successful over the past month or so, Foles’ career track record is consistent with that of an average-to-below-average quarterback. Just last offseason, Foles hit the open market and was only able to land a backup job. The Eagles and general manager Howie Roseman, for their part, have been extremely active in the trade market over the past few years, and have expressed an openness for deals that include either draft picks or other established players.

The key benefit for Philadelphia in a Foles trade would be removing his salary cap charge from its 2018 books. At present, the Eagles are a projected $9.5MM over the cap next season, so clearing $5.2MM by trading Foles would be the club’s first step towards getting right with the cap.

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21 comments on “Eagles Open To Trading QB Nick Foles

  1. acarneglia

    Could be the first SB winning QB to be traded the offseason after winning.

    • qbass187

      But probably not… the key being “consistent with that of an average-to-below-average quarterback.”

  2. Clark K

    It’s gonna suck going from a team that made the super bowl to the Cardinals or Browns. Leaning Cards don’t think Philly will do him dirty especially if they win

    • sheacrazies

      Cleveland would be good if they had a competent qb. Foles is not a competent qb .

    • PasswordIsPassword

      Cards finished 8-8 with backup qbs and their all-pro rb out for the season. The Browns don’t belong in the same breath. You obviously don’t watch much football, or lack any sort of observational skills.

      • Clark K

        Lmao, I’m dead Cards and Browns are 2 teams that need a QB why wouldn’t you mention them in the same breath? Who do the cards have at WR outside of Fitz? This team is getting older, not gonna be able to compete with Hawks and Rams. And literally going from playing in the super bowl to basically any team is gonna suck

        • PasswordIsPassword

          They beat the hawks in Seattle with a backup qb. You don’t know what you’re talking about

  3. card collector18

    Tough to see where he’d end up without other options being there… case Keenum, Kirk cousins still need jobs and and there’s a decent stock in the draft as well

  4. GiantsX3

    I’d say this is poor timing for an article like this if you’re the Eagles. Can we let the guy perform before the obvious starts being discussed?

  5. Polish Hammer

    I wish these dumb articles would be on hold until after the game, don’t need the distractions until the confetti drops.

  6. Polish Hammer

    That said, I believe he ought to be dealt, he’s a luxury, and expensive luxury at that, and cleveland should use a guy like that to bridge their 1st round QB they grab this year and allow him a chance to sit and develop a bit.

    • Z-A

      A luxury? If you use that logic, they wouldn’t have just won the Super Bowl. If you don’t have a competent back-up, your season is a play away from being over.

  7. sportsnut969

    Foles is a not a starting answer for anyone his last 2 starts of the regular season were horrible.

    in the playoffs he has performed way above his actual talent set and abilities.

    I would not trade any of any NFL teams first 3 round picks for this guy. It would be no time before fans would be calling for a drafted QB once frustrated with watching the dink and dunk QB in Foles Jmo.

    • Polish Hammer

      He’s a very capable QB that’s as good as several starters. To hold down the spot until a drafted QB takes over in Cleveland makes a ton of sense.

  8. dust44

    Foles is a Matt Schaub. He’s capable as a starter. Not a franchise savor. And probably better off the bench in shorter stretches. But I could c the Browns going after him as a vet place holder for whoever they draft

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