Ravens’ Ozzie Newsome To Step Down In 2019, Eric DeCosta To Take Over

The Ravens’ front office will have a new chief in 2019. Next year, longtime GM Ozzie Newsome will step down, allowing assistant GM Eric DeCosta to take over, owner Steve Bisciotti announced (via Jeff Zrebiec of The Baltimore Sun on Twitter). Joe Hortiz/Jon Harbaugh/Matt Elam/Ozzie Newsome/Eric DeCosta (Featured)

DeCosta has been chased by rival teams for years now, but he has rebuffed many of those advances. Recently, DeCosta rejected an opportunity to interview for the Packers’ GM vacancy, yet another indication that a promotion was in his future. In building this succession plan, the Ravens have found a way to retain one of the league’s most sought-after executives while doing right by Newsome.

I get a chance to work with my friends,” DeCosta said in 2015 when asked why he has stayed with the Ravens despite overtures from other teams (via Zrebiec). “Every day, I come in and work with my friends. I think it’s a relationship business. In the end, personal ambitions aside, all you have is really your reputation and your friends and your enjoyment in life. And I love Baltimore, the community…My wife is from Baltimore. I’ve been here 20 years, my kids go to school here. It’s great. I sit with these guys every day and give everybody a hard time, get a chance to play jokes on everybody every day, and it’s just fun. I enjoy work. I enjoy coming in here. We have a great owner, awesome stadium and best fan base in the country. So, what more do you want?

Finally, DeCosta will have the chance to run his own show. Meanwhile, Bisciotti says Newsome – who constructed two Super Bowl winning teams in Baltimore – will remain with the team as a consultant.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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18 comments on “Ravens’ Ozzie Newsome To Step Down In 2019, Eric DeCosta To Take Over

  1. El Duderino

    Not everything deserves a push notification. NFL rumors is the worst at this doing multiple useless ones per day.

    Goodbye app!

      • yoyo137

        It’s always the dudes that call themselves the Dude that are so not the Dude

    • JT19

      So you’re complaining about the notification system, which you set up, on an app that reports/provides links to almost all football/basketball/hockey/baseball news? If you’re only looking for notifications to major headlines, just use ESPN. Or, you know, turn off notifications.

      • redbeard87

        Actually he has a good point about the absurdity of the Rooney rule, especially when teams have an internal candidate they want to promote. And all you’ve done is call names like a child. You’re the one who comes across as an IDIOT

  2. 394gwynnale

    Loyalty is tough to come by in pro sports these days. Good on DeCosta for sticking with one team and letting his family stay in one place this whole time. Nice to see patience and loyalty is rewarded.

    • tsolid

      Also nice to see a GM that oversaw 2 Super Bowl Victories. I’m Glad to see you rather acknowledge “patience”

  3. moazetongue

    One of the best players in NFL history as well as GM. Best wishes to a class guy.

  4. Meren

    The Browns should steal Newsome and make him the Team President. he should have never been allowed to leave Cleveland in the first place when Art Modell sold his soul to the Devil and moved the team. The Browns should have kept Ozzie as Head of the Front office then. Which would have saved them this fiasco of an expansion team since 1999.

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