Browns Deal Kizer For Damarious Randall

In the deal that sent 2015 first-round cornerback Damarious Randall to the Browns, the Packers received in return quarterback DeShone Kizer, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network tweets

In addition to Randall and Kizer, the teams agreed to swap picks in the fourth and fifth rounds, ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweets.

A second-round selection in 2017, Kizer started 15 games with Browns as a rookie and did not win a game, posting just 11 touchdowns with a league-leading 22 interceptions. The writing appeared on the wall that the Notre Dame product was not in the Browns’ future plans after the team swung a deal for Tyrod Taylor on Friday. Just moments later, the team was able to find Kizer a new home in the Randall deal.

Boasting prototypical size and a cannon for an arm, Kizer entered the 2017 NFL Draft as a potential franchise signal-caller who could go in the first round. With the move to Green Bay, he will be able to learn the ropes from one of the best in the business in Aaron Rodgers while battling Brett Hundley, who has one year remaining on his rookie deal, for backup duties.

With the deal, the Packers cleared $1.4 MM in cap space. The Browns will have a fifth-year option on the cornerback they will have to declare by May 3, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein reports (Twitter link).

A first-round selection (No. 30 overall) in 2015, Randall has appeared in 39 games with 30 starts in Green Bay and has made 10 interceptions. In 2017, the cornerback registered four interceptions and returned one for a touchdown in 12 starts.

The trade can be made official as early as Wednesday.

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Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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41 comments on “Browns Deal Kizer For Damarious Randall

      • twentyforty

        A franchise whose fans just held a parade for going 0-16 should stay silent.

        • Michael Chaney

          Lol what does that have do with anything? Kizer is a pretty big reason why they went 0-16.

          • brewcrew08

            Yeah not the fact they plugged a rookie in right away with no offensive weapons right? Rookie QBs typically don’t perform well in their first years starting let alone when you give them zero to work with. Learning from Rodgers for the next 4-6 years will only help him improve. Hundley clearly didn’t figure it out and they needed someone else behind Rodgers with potential for the future. Randall had a good second half but is so inconsistent plus can’t take whatsoever. Not to mention the packers moved up 13 spots in two consecutive rounds. Seems they are setting up to go after CB hard in free agency and the draft.

            • bradthebluefish

              Kizer couldn’t muster up anything. 16 games and at no point did magic appear. You’d figured he’d at least get some cool highlights but instead he none. Not to my knowledge.

            • JT19

              Kizer is also a huge project player. Almost every scout thought he should’ve stayed in school another year. At best, Kizer is another two years before actually being NFL ready.

          • chgobangbang

            For some reason HJ can’t develop quarter backs. Back office has acquired all these top draft choices over the last few years with nothing to show for it. Don’t know answer but when Haley takes over mid season they may have their solution

  1. PK11

    Would rather have gotten Coleman or a 2nd round pick and scooped up a backup qb like Glennon or Bradford. We’re no better off with Kizer than Hundley as the backup.

    • PasswordIsPassword

      I agree but I just don’t think Randall had the value when you look up what Marcus Peters and taib went for.tbh I would have kept him

      • PK11

        Unproven WR who is currently #3 on the depth chart with apparent drop issues and injury concerns. Yes I’d say they do have equal trade value.

        • PK11

          Before you say he’s not unproven… in 2 seasons he’s only played 19 games and caught 56 balls for 718 yards. If anything kizer has the higher trade value.

  2. Brad

    Case Keenum proves you can’t give up on someone after their first attempt. Kizer has the build. Just needs the coaching and a great mentor like Rodgers. He will be ok.

  3. johnboy1963

    so do they swap picks in both rounds or does one of them give up a 4th for the other teams 5th round pick I hope packers didn’t swap their 4th for Cleveland’s 5th round pick

    • TJECK109

      I read it as in the 4th and 5th rounds Cleveland sends their picks to GB and GB sends their picks to Cleveland.

    • HailRodgers12

      This is what I’m wondering. I believe we move up in both rounds, I assume to the first pick in each (I believe Cleveland still held those after all the other wheeling and dealing today..)

  4. johnboy1963

    that would be great deal we might have our qb of the future plus better draft picks he’s a big qb hopefully he can learn and start for us after Rodgers retires

    • HailRodgers12

      If he wants to stay for 7 or 8 years til Rodgers hangs em up…at least that’s what it sounds like, that 12 wants to play til he’s 40.

  5. johnboy1963

    isn’t that a lot for Cleveland to give up for randall especially the draft pick swaps

    • sufferfortribe

      Have you seen Kizer play? We gave him up for a guy who should be our next FS.
      Browns win.

        • sufferfortribe

          He was moved to CB from his regular position in college. He’s a FS.

          • brewcrew08

            Lol let’s move a guy who can’t tackle to the back line of the defense. That way his missed tackles can turn into touchdowns. Are you a browns coach? Sound like it…

  6. MilTown8888

    I didnt like it until I saw the contracts. 1 year of Randall for 3 years of Kizer is a win-win if the Packers didnt want to extend Randall but the Browns do, and if the Browns were going to draft a franchise QB no matter what.

    The Packers want a young development-project backup qb and they thought they had one in Hundley. They were wrong. Kizer has a higher ceiling so they can develop as a successor to Rodgers, and have he turns out to have Brady-esque longevity, they can flip Kizer in a few years like Garoppolo then start over again with a new kid

  7. wrigleyhawkeye

    This trade makes little sense. Two hot garbage players trading teams. Only rationale I can think of is GB thinks a Hundley will test FA and Kizer might improve That and Kizer actually looked satisfactory when they played GB.

  8. johnboy1963

    I feel the biggest part of trade was swapping the draft picks they pick first in round 4 and 5 and to me this is huge

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