Latest On Giants, Odell Beckham Jr.

The Giants are seeking at least two first round picks for Odell Beckham Jr., but right now it doesn’t look like any team will meet that price. Other teams around the NFL believe that GM Dave Gettleman might have to settle for “a couple second-round picks, [or] something in that neighborhood,” according to Tom Pelissero of (Twitter link).

Meanwhile, Pelissero (Twitter link) hears that the Rams rumored interest in OBJ is real. There are a few complications, however, including his contract. Beckham Jr. is under contract for this season for about $8.5MM. He could be kept under control through 2020 (and, theoretically, even 2021) through the franchise tag, but Beckham is insistent on getting a contract extension this offseason. Apparently, Beckham is prepared to sit out this year if he doesn’t get the high-priced long-term deal that he is after.

Even beyond the contract, there are concerns about Beckham’s health and off-field behavior. Acquiring teams are well aware of the potential headaches involved here and the Giants’ potential return may be limited by those issues. Still, considering the remarkable performances the LSU product put up before last year’s ankle injury, there will be a market for him.

OBJ’s name started making the rounds in trade rumors in recent days, but this isn’t the first time it has became a topic for the Giants. The G-Men got their first trade offer for the wide receiver right after the viral pizza video surfaced, Rapoport tweets, and it was a lowball offer that was quickly rejected.

Publicly, the Giants insist that they are not shopping the young phenom.

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15 comments on “Latest On Giants, Odell Beckham Jr.

  1. chound

    OBJ’s demands and mouth ruin any shot at a pair of 1st’s. I would hedge towards a trade with a less than stellar return (but a good return given all factors).

  2. jb19

    I wonder what team sent a low ball offer after the video surfaced… sounds like he belongs in my fantasy football league.

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Patriots will always be convinced that the Giants stole 2 SBs from them, so my guess would be that if a low ball offer indeed existed, it probably came from that direction.

  3. PK11

    I’d say dude looks homeless in that picture, but his shoes are too bright

  4. Yeti

    If the Giants get rid of this guy, they have a legitimate shot at 0-16. What a joke.

    • bobg529

      That’s nonsense. They’ve had one winning season since they got him and while he was an important contributor, he is still just a wide out. Yes, he’s an excellent wide receiver, but the the position is way overrated in importance these days.

      • Perksy

        So true. And that one winning season they had was because of the defense. Giants only averaged about 17 or 18 pts per game in their playoff 2016 season.

  5. TrollHunter

    Two 1sts is not that high a price to pay for the 2ond or 3rd best WR in the league.

    I would assume any team looking to trade for him would be allowed to negotiate the parameters of a long term deal. THATS the only hang up here, not the picks or off-field stuff.

    I would think the Rams, Jags, 49ers, would all be interested.

  6. ray_derek

    Yes it is too high, it’s too high for anyone that isn’t a QB. Giving up two first rounders for him would be complete insanity. So, he’ll probably end up in Oakland somehow

  7. madmc44

    If the Giants get two #1’s BB will make Gronk available.
    Perhaps LA so he can pursue acting and complete his football days. Wherever he plays gives added credibility to the team being a contender.

  8. baysports10

    Never knew so many guys were concerned with Beckham’s wardrobe and shoe collection.

    • crosseyedlemon

      It never hurts to know the appropriate way to dress when explaining to your employer that $10 million isn’t enough to live on.

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