Browns To Take Allen Or Mayfield?

For weeks, we have been hearing that the Browns will select either USC quarterback Sam Darnold or Wyoming QB Josh Allen with the top pick. Then, this week, it was reported that Oklahoma signal caller Baker Mayfield is also in the mix. Now, sources say the Browns appear to be down to either Allen or Mayfield as team executives have cooled on Darnold, Mary Kay Cabot of writes.

Much has been made about Mayfield’s lack of height, but GM John Dorsey has made it clear that he is not concerned. Dorsey has also indicated that he would not rule out Mayfield over his red flags, which include a public intoxication arrest, grabbing his crotch against Kansas, and planting a flag on the Block O at Ohio State.

Every young man will make a mistake in his life, I bet you,” he said. “And I think he’s very remorseful of that mistake and I think he’s moved forward from that, and he’s trying to make himself a better person, going through the process.”

Allen, meanwhile, has been praised for his arm strength, but his low completion rate in college underscores his lack of accuracy. If the Browns believe that they can harness his raw skills, then he could be a real consideration for the top choice. However, some would argue that he has the most bust potential of this year’s top four quarterback prospects.

Have the Browns truly drifted away from Darnold? At this point, it is impossible to tell whether the Browns are actually deciding between Mayfield and Allen or if they are simply working to try and drum up a better trade offer. Still, it’s a situation worth monitoring as whispers about Darnold’s lack of polish continue to circulate.

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27 comments on “Browns To Take Allen Or Mayfield?

  1. ohiodevil

    Tomorrow the headline will be “Browns to take either Rosen or Darnold at #1”.

    Can’t wait til it’s over

    • Michael Chaney

      Yeah me neither, I’m excited for the draft but I’m ready for it to be over

  2. cowman707

    Im loving this not knowing what’ll happen drama. I know this will never happen but what if the raiders swapped Carr for pick 1, 4, and a 1st next year. If they could go Darnold at 1, Barkley at 4 and defense at 10, could be a winning move if Carr doesn’t bounce back

    • random comment guy

      So Cleveland traded a 3rd rounder for Taylor and then is going to trade its two first round picks for Carr and a first next year. That’s Stephen Hawking genius right there.

      • Z-A

        What have the Browns been trying to do since 1999? Get a QB. If you need to… you can review them here:

        link to

        It’s 28 different QBs. I think they should trade for a starter. You say trading for Taylor as if he’s going to start the whole season if they draft a QB.

        IF they traded for Carr – he’s signed for 5 seasons at what is now below market value. Jimmy G played 7 games and AVG is 27.5M.

        I don’t think they should even draft a QB this year. Fill out the roster with as many stud players as you can. Try and sign Matt Ryan next year, or mortgage next year’s draft for an established QB. #33 & #35 = #13 or #14. If you go Barkley, Chubb, and Fitzpatrick falls? I would trade up for him, Derwin James, or Roquan Smith. Zero OTs are 1st round worthy this year. The best one is a RT. They would still have a 2nd and 3rd rounder to address OL.

        • cowman707

          This guy gets it, and yeah what I proposed is a lot of pick value and isn’t realistic. I think Carr can be a great fit in a pass heavy shotgun offense that Todd Haley ran with big Ben. Don’t know if he’s a great qb for grudens offense.

        • Thomas.Swanson

          So why would they kick the can down the road yet again? Thankfully you are a couch GM and not making the picks

  3. Big D

    Get real, I don’t know if I would give up ONE first round pick for Carr, most less THREE. Wouldn’t give up 3 first round picks for Brady in his prime.

  4. sufferfortribe

    Browns shock us all and take Barkley at 1 and Chubb at 4? Remember, Dorsey said early on that he would take the BPA.

  5. Mack83

    “BPA” has to come after a QB.

    I would draft Barkley at 1, Allen at 4. Throw a grenade to the NYG plans.

  6. WazBazbo

    Wherever Barkley lands, I hope he knows that if he tries any crotch-grabbing stuff in the NFL, he’d best be ready to pay the price…

  7. afsooner02

    Still don’t see why the flag planting is seen as a character issue. I never will. The nuts partied on our field when they beat us the year prior. The other 2 things def have merit, but not the flag plant.

  8. braves cowboys

    Browns will take darnold. Here’s why.

    Darnold is the highest rated and most covetous. His pro day was incredible and he said he wanted to play with the browns.

    Darnold will NOT make it to the fourth pick. Any of the other qbs could but not darnold. If the browns would be fine with the other guys, then they could’ve traded the first pick for a kings ransom and grab the (at the worst) fourth picked qb. But wait… the first pick is NOT available, meaning they have their guy and he wouldn’t be there at 4, or 2 or 3 if they were to trade with the New York teams.

    Mayfield is too close to manziell and he burned them. No thanks.

    Allen wasn’t a star in college. Name me a franchise qb who wasn’t a star in college…. I can’t, either. No thanks.

    Rosen doesn’t have a great attitude, thinks he’s smarter and better than you, and had the 45th qb rating last year among qbs. (Hey, he was ahead of Allen, who didn’t rank, so that’s something, right?) no thanks.

    Leaves darnold as the one guy who you wouldn’t trade number one for.

      • Clearly you never watched Big Ben play in college. He was absolutely a star at Miami, which is why he was drafted in the first round. He was the reason Miami ended the year ranked.

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