Browns Shopping No. 4 Pick

Could the Browns use the No. 4 pick as ammunition to acquire even more selections? That might be the case, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via Twitter) reports that Cleveland has shopped the pick.

Cleveland would presumably have a number of suitors, as several teams are reportedly looking to move up in the first round, including the Packers and Cardinals. There were whispers that the Bills could pull off a deal for the Giants’ second-overall selection, but reports indicated that Buffalo wouldn’t “sell out” to acquire the pick. If the Bills were indeed interested in trading for that Giants pick, they could perhaps switch their focus to the Browns’ fourth-overall pick, although that’s merely speculation on my part.

What would it take for a team to acquire the Browns’ pick? We can somewhat refer to the trade that the Jets and Colts pulled off last month. Indy ended up sending No. 3 to New York in exchange for a first-rounder (No. 6), a pair of upcoming seconds (No. 37 and No. 49), and a 2019 second-round pick. It’s uncertain if the Browns could receive a similar package for the fourth pick, although suitors may have a bit of leverage. After all, we learned last week that the Broncos would move the No. 5 pick for the right price.

The Browns originally acquired the No. 4 pick from Houston in a draft-day deal that allowed the Texans to select quarterback Deshaun Watson. Cleveland currently has five selection in the first two rounds, including the top-overall pick.

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28 comments on “Browns Shopping No. 4 Pick

  1. DonKieballs

    To be honest, if I’m the Browns, I’d strongly consider it. If they could get Buffalo’s 12 and 22 that’d be solid. I’d love to see them get McGlinchey to play LT somehow. Ridley, Josh Jackson, Alexander, and Davenport would all fill areas of need in the first round. You have to think the Browns will use one of their 2nd round picks on RB.

    By passing on Chubb they could potentially grab a franchise LT, and still be able to fill CB, DE, WR, and RB all in the first two rounds.

    Thank god Dorsey is in charge and execs from GB are assisting on a draft that is this pivotal

    • cowman707

      assuming McGlinchey is a franchise LT. It’s easy to argue he’s just pushed up the board just because of a weak tackle class

      • Z-A

        “Notre Dame will even tell you that McGlinchey is better on the right side than the left side. He’s just more comfortable and consistent there so that’s probably where you play him. I think everyone tries to beat him up too much. He’s going to play in our league and be a decent starter.” – -AFC team personnel executive

      • ruckus727

        McGlinchey doesn’t have the feet and athleticism to excel at LT. he looked better than he was because he was playing next to Quenton Nelson. He’s a RT who could play LT in a pinch but he’s not a true LT IMO.

  2. Mack83

    With it being #4, I’d keep it. If it were #9, or #12, I’d trade down. But not #4. That’s two top tier players. That’s what CLE needs.

    • Polish Hammer

      With it being #4 teams in need of one of those top-tier QBs the draft night overpay to trade up will be very good. Probably too good to pass up if you’re cleveland and have multiple needs.

      • Mack83

        But CLE already has like a hundred picks. How often do you get #1 and #4 and the ability to take say, QB of the future and Barkley, or Chubb?

        I see no realistic reason to trade from #4 from those who have been linked to trading up.

    • ruckus727

      I agree. QB and Chubb. Trade up late first for Conner Williams or Kolten Miller. CLE has plenty of ammo.

  3. Z-A

    If I could get Fitzpatrick, Roquan Smith, or Denzel Ward at 12, then yea I’d trade back. If I think it will be Vita Vea, Da’Ron Payne, Marcus Davenport, or McGlinchey then no.

    • Michael Chaney

      I agree completely, although linebacker is one of their few defined strengths so I don’t see Smith as much of a fit. But yes, if there was a chance of Ward or Minkah falling to 12 then I’d make that deal even though I love Bradley Chubb too.

    • CubsRebsSaints

      If you can take Barkley @1 Trade back and get R.Smith or M.Fitzpatrick @12 and take either L.Jackson or M. Rudolph @22. Bam!

  4. tonysdog01

    Yeah why not because at 1-31 who needs elite players when you can have more draft picks.

  5. Connorsoxfan

    If I’m Cleveland I target Buffalo at 12 and 22, get them to give up a ransom for a QB, and then try to get back up into the top 9 using no 12 plus, but not 22, to grab one of Nelson/Chubb/Fitzpatrick. Heck, take Barkley at 1 and Lamar Jackson at 22. Or take a QB at 1, Nelson somewhere, and the tackle from Notre Dame. Even if he only plays good next to Nelson, he can still play next to Nelson for at least 4 years.

    • Z-A

      4 for 12 and 22 is actually an overpay according to the Jimmy Johnson value chart. But they don’t need Nelson – Bitonio and Zeitler graded as the 6th and 10th best guard last year PFF.

      If the idea is to trade up to take Chubb, why not just take him at 4? Colts 100% take him if he is there. Broncos will want both of those 1st rounders, so it doesn’t make any sense tbh. You stand pat at 4. If there is a guy in the 20s that you’ve gotta go get, they have 3 2nd round picks a 3rd and 2 4ths and 2 5ths.

  6. Teams asked Lamar Jackson to work out as a WR and people still think he’s a 1st round QB… anyway, Nelson is a guard, Browns have 2 very highly paid, above average guards. Browns still need a CB1, looks like they solved the safety situation with Damorious Randall. Front 7 looks solid, but Chubb, Garrett and Ogbah lined up on a 3rd and long? That can be special… I don’t see a solution to LT in this draft for the browns. Looks like above avg CBs will be available in round 2… I think browns keep the pick and take Chubb at 4. Draft a CB in round 2.

  7. Z-A

    Take Barkley 1. Dare the Giants and Jets to take Darnold. Take Chubb at 4. Trade 33, 35, 64, 65 for #5 and take Darnold, Mayfield, or Allen. Real life Draf Day moment, Costner should walk out and make the selection at 5.

    • jessethegreat

      The jets gave up #6 overall and THREE second round picks to move up to #3.. Broncos wouldn’t do that unless next years 1st round pick is thrown in as well.

      • Z-A

        Adds up on the Jimmy Johnson chart. Broncos looking for an excuse to trade down. Jets are just dumb and overpaid for possibly the 3rd qb in the draft. Adding in a 1st next year is complete overkill. They can just take the deal to the Colts or Bucs and it’s a done deal. If the Bill’s dont trade up, no one else has the ammo.

        • justinept

          Well if 1989 Jimmy Johnson was running the Broncos, then I’m sure this deal would go down as scripted …

          • Z-A

            Pretty much everyone uses this as a tool to evaluate draft pick trades. GMs and homeschoolers. There really isn’t much difference if you use Rich Hills modernized chart based on trades only involving draft picks for draft picks after the new CBA. It’s no secret teams use some type of valuation chart. The #1 or #2 pick often strays depending on who is being picked, like Andrew Luck and RG3 at 1 and 2 are worth more to go up and get than Darnold and Allen/Mayfield.

  8. justinept

    The Browns don’t need players. They need difference makers. At 4, they’re choosing between Barkley or Chubb. If I was the Browns, I’d accept nothing short of a huge overpay to move off those guys. We’re talking Herchel Walker/Ricky Williams type over pay. The only way that happens is if the Giants take a QB at 2, meaning the first 3 picks were all QBs. With just one of the ‘elite’ QB prospects left, a team might be willing to give up the proverbial farm

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