Jets Acquire No. 3 Pick From Colts

The Jets are moving up. The team has acquired the third-overall pick from the Colts (via Indy’s Twitter). In exchange, the Jets have sent Indy their first-rounder (No. 6) a pair of upcoming seconds (No. 37 and No. 49), and a 2019 second-round pick.’s Ian Rapoport reports (via Twitter) that the Jets “explored all options,” including the possibility of adding the top-overall pick from the Browns. Meanwhile, the Colts heard offers from several teams, but they ultimately felt good about the package they received from the Jets.

The general consensus seems to be that the Jets will ultimately use their new pick to take a quarterback. By acquiring the selection, the organization is assuring that they can take one of the top prospects in the draft, a list that includes Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and Baker Mayfield. Of course, choosing a quarterback with the third pick will only complicate the Jets’ quarterback plans heading into 2018.

Assuming they take a quarterback in the draft, the team will clearly be leaning on the youngster to lead the organization in the future. However, for at least next season, the Jets would likely turn to veteran Josh McCown for the starting gig. After re-signing McCown earlier this week, the organization reportedly told the signal-caller that he’ll be their starter next season. The Jets also added Teddy Bridgewater, and they’re rostering Bryce PettyChristian Hackenberg, and Joel StaveAt least two of those latter three quarterbacks will be let go prior to the season.

In recent years, we’ve seen several teams trade into a top-three selection in the draft. Last season, the Bears moved up to No. 2 and sent San Francisco No. 3, No. 67, and No. 111. In 2017, the Titans traded the No. 1 pick (along with No. 113 and No. 177) to the Rams for No. 15, No. 43, No. 45, and No. 76 (along with a first- and third-rounder in 2017). That same year, the Browns traded No. 2 (and a conditional fifth-rounder) to Philly for No. 8, No. 77, No. 100, a 2017 first-rounder, and a 2018 second-rounder.

What does this all mean? Well, it seems like both teams could justify the haul they gave up/received. According to’s “Draft Trade Chart,” Indy received solid value for the No. 3 pick. That selection was given a value of 2,200, and their new 2018 selections equal out to a 2,540 value (that also doesn’t account for the 2019 second-rounder). From that perspective, you could argue that the Colts won the trade. However, when you consider the trades from previous seasons, the Jets did an admirable job of not including an additional first-rounder in the package.

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86 comments on “Jets Acquire No. 3 Pick From Colts

    • Niedenfuer92

      It’s a ridiculous overpay lol I’d be so happy if I was the colts right now

      • thunder12k

        No such thing as overpaying if they get their guy. Is anyone talking about the Eagles, Rams or Titans overpaying for getting their QBs?

            • dandan

              lol the Bears gave the 49ers a whole bunch of draft capital to move up one spot to take a guy who would have been there at 3 anyway. They got fleeced.

          • leprechaun

            Very good all pundits are saying Trubisky would be first QB taken in this draft hands down

          • Grebek7

            Once Pace is fired in 2 years, he will never sniff another GM job. I have cautious optismism regarding Trubisky he will have some players who can get open & catch the ball this year so he’ll be better than what i’m drinking today 7&7

        • Polish Hammer

          Rams and Eagles were 1 and 2 and each knew exactly which guy they wanted. This is the 3rd pick and anything could happen at 1 and 2. If you traded up to make sure you get “your guy” he may also be somebody else’s choice and they can now trade up above you and your whole plan is screwed. So yeah, they gave up too much too soon, if they did this on draft day after 3 was on the clock and your guy is there it would be good, but as of today it was dumb.

        • Regi Green

          Actually,i heard and read Philly fans complaining about an overpay, up until about week 10 of this season.

      • llasasso93

        It’s never an over pay when you get to choose the quarterback that you actually want.

        • Polish Hammer

          Problem is they don’t get to choose, the two picks in front of them do and can foil their whole plan.

          • MikeyB

            100% agreed. The Jets gave away a ton of picks for what could amount to their third choice of player given the uncertainty of the two teams ahead of them.

    • JT19

      Not really. Most teams that end up moving into the top 5 often have to give up future firsts as well. While the two second round picks this year hurt, they’re only giving up one future pick and its a second rounder. Also, if the Jets get their guy no body will say this was an overpay. @thunder12k is right. Nobody is saying the Eagles, Rams, or Texans overpaid because it looks like they got their franchise QB.

    • Perksy

      Not an overpay. It’s always been very costly to move a up few spots in the first round.

      • Begamin

        Unless the Bills or someone like that trades up in front of 6, youre more than likely going to see either Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield on the board still. But if someone trades up those will be then you’ll probably be right in that Lamar Jackson will be the best QB left

  1. raz427

    This is a HUGE overpay. Colts fans should be ecstatic at this haul. It gives them plenty of options to retool their roster. I can see them still nabbing Chubb or Fitzpatrick at 6 and address their defense in round 2.

  2. Z-A

    Colts must be doing backflips. They will get a pro bowl caliber prospect at 6 – Chubb, Nelson, Fitz, or Barkley.

  3. Michael Chaney

    As a Browns fan, this is GREAT news. They were already guaranteed one of Barkley/Fitzpatrick/Chubb at 4 anyway, but now that the Jets are almost certainly taking a QB at 3, the chances increase of them getting the guy they want most at 4.

    I’d have to think this increases the odds they take a QB at 1.

    • JT19

      Puts more pressure on the Browns to take a QB at #1 thats for sure. I still think the Giants take a QB at #2. Barring another failure of a season, they’re talented enough to not finish with a top 5-10 pick, which likely means they won’t be in on the top QBs next year (and drafting a franchise QB with a later round pick has a lot of luck involved). I don’t think they view Davis Webb as their next franchise QB, especially under a new front office regime. While Barkley would be a great addition to their team, is the rest of the team really good enough to be a serious contender? Their O-line is still a huge work in progress and they could still use some more pieces on the defensive side of the ball. If the Giants can identify one of the QBs as their next potential franchise QB, I think it makes more sense for them to take one at #2 and groom him behind Eli so he is ready to take over when Eli retires.

      • jb19

        The browns were always taking a QB #1 overall. I would think a team is inquiring about the giant #2 selection as we speak so they can jump the jets for a QB. So that would be QB #1, 2 and 3. Barkley looks to be a good/great player, but he plays a non-premium position. Browns need a QB and if they like one enough to make him the 1st overall selection they will do so, regardless of moves being made by the colts, giants or jets behind them in the draft order. There is no additional “pressure” put on the browns, child please.

      • Michael Chaney

        Barkley is a great player, but you don’t give up three additional second rounders just to select a running back.

  4. dcahen

    The Colts now have a high #1 at 6 & 3 #2’s. That’s 4 potential starters. Worst case is Nelson @ 6, if Chubb or Barkley are gone. I can see a RB in the 2nd (maybe Guice or Nick Chubb, predicated on not choosing Barkley). If they do pick a RB in the 1st, then OL early in the 2nd, then DE & LB.

    • JT19

      One of Nelson, Chubb, or Fitzpatrick should be available at #6 so they should take one of them. If all three are gone, Barkley could be an option but I think the Colts would be better off trading back again. Assuming the Broncos don’t trade back the Dolphins, Bills, and Cardinals could all be in on trading up if some of the QBs fall in the draft. At #6, it would be a prime spot to move up and take one.

      • BrandonGregory74

        Fits should go to the Browns at #4 but if not and he’s there for the Colts at #6 then someone needs drug tested if the Colts don’t take him.

  5. unclemike1525

    This is a ton of talent to give up to take a QB, especially with the Jets track record. Pace must be laughing and is now off the hook for trading 2 3rd’s and a 4th to move up. Trubisky has a better upside than any of these guys, plus Pace has already regained two of the three picks he traded away, which nobody gives him credit for. Good luck trying to get back 3 2nd round picks.

    • Michael Chaney

      Plus Pace recognizes that he needed to add weapons for Trubisky, so he gets a lot of hate for how he handled things but I think he’s doing the best he can to put Trubisky in a spot to succeed

    • JT19

      Does Trubisky really have more upside than all four of the major QB prospects? I mean I guess he looked surprisingly decent when he played, and his poor numbers can mainly be attributed to having no weapons around him. But he also has the least amount of college tape so his ceiling is a huge question mark (as in no one knows what it is).

      • unclemike1525

        I saw what he can do with two idiots like Loggains and Fox telling him what to do. Sky is the limit with Nagy, and Helfrich in now. Plus he has a good ground game and some actual WR’s now who can get open. If White can ever stay healthy enough to approach what he was drafted to be, it would be a bonus. Need to give Fangio some weapons now.

  6. canajay12

    Yesss. Was super nervous when I read the headline but I like the haul. That 6 pick is almost as valuable to us as the 3 was considering we weren’t looking at a franchise QB and the additional second rounders give us a chance to fill more holes and also potentially miss on a pick and still get impact out of the round.

  7. Casey

    A lot of people are discussing this as an overpay by the jets, but what do they expect it to have cost? There were probably 3-4 other teams also interested. Teams don’t just give away to 3 picks.

    • Kenleyfornia74

      The 6 pick is pretty dang valuable too. Not like theres a major drop off

  8. sheacrazies

    major overpay for a rebuilding team and they’re still not guaranteed to get their guy at 3

  9. unclemike1525

    The big winner here is the Bears. With 4 of the top 7 likely taking QB’s and at least 1 taking Barkley(Colts?), There are a lot of nice options for 8 at CB, LB or in a perfect world Nelson, who played for Bears new OL coach and knows him better than anyone. I think the Bears could even trade down and get more picks.

    • BAINES03

      Not really. Both teams were already ahead of the bears. It would be a win for the bears if a team like the bills traded up ahead of them to take a QB.

  10. itslonelyatthetrop

    Jets pushing all their chips to the center of the table… let’s see what kind of hand they get dealt.

      • Begamin

        Depends what game you play. Blackjack for example is a a game you bet on before youre dealt your cards. Poker is the other way around

  11. JT19

    How are people considering this an overpay? If the Jets correctly pick their guy, and it turns out to be a franchise player nobody will say this trade was an overpay and fans will be praising the Jets for getting a star player, especially if they choose a QB. Half of the people saying this is an overpay won’t even remember this trade if the guy they take ends up being a starter-caliber player. In regards to what the Jets gave up, they really didn’t give up that much. No future firsts is heading to Indy, which are obviously more valuable than second rounders. And with the price tag set from previous years on how much it takes to move up into the top 3-5, this is basically right in line. Sure the two second rounders this year hurt, but that’s just one draft where they are missing out on an extra player or two. They’re not handicapping themselves in future drafts so they still have the next few drafts to continue adding pieces.

    • BAINES03

      I think because at #3 with two teams that need a young QB ahead of them, there’s no guarantee they actually get “their guy.”

    • Begamin

      They could have moved up to the #3 spot without giving up as much as they did. Think about it, the #6 for the Colts is still really valuable since theyre not after a QB. So they got the #6, AND THREE SECOND ROUND PICKS. Jets could have used the second round to bolster the OL ffs and they could probably have gotten a QB at #6 anyway, whether itd be Rosen, Mayfield, or Allen

  12. jb19

    Someone has to be talking to the giants right now about the #2 overall pick, if the giants aren’t interested, guarantee you they are taking a QB…. browns are taking a QB #1 overall. Stop with the Chubb/Barkley nonsense. Barkley may be available at 4 now. If not, Chubb or Fitzpatrick would be fine w me.

    • padam

      Giants are taking Barkley. They have the offensive players, minus the RB, to make another run. Barkley fills that void.

      If the Browns do select Barkley with the first overall, I see the Giants either trading out or taking Rosen.

  13. mcdusty31

    Nice move for both parties…the Colts don’t need to draft a QB of the future just yet and could use plenty of other pieces and the Jets can now get their guy to groom under McCown for a year…I like this for both sides

    • pohsib_54

      And it might be to their benefit to find a trade partner lots of holes to fill and more picks might help

  14. Thronson5

    I’m curious if this was a panick move. I mean at 6 you can still get a good QB. You just signed McCown and Bridgewater and if Bridgewater is healthy he’s actually a pretty good QB not great but pretty good so you would be fine for a year or two while you groomed whoever you take at 6. They just have their sites set on someone in particular that they are shooing to land.

  15. chound

    When you need a QB… this is what happens. Get a franchise guy that plays for 15 years and you win this trade by miles. Otherwise, you’re a bunch of chumps.

    • Polish Hammer

      When a stud RB starts wearing down that franchise QB gets better and continues to carry the franchise several more years.

  16. of9376

    The Jets are so bad are evaluations quarterbacks that they decided to sign McCown, Bridgewater , and move up in the draft to get whoever. Basically they are heading their bet that one of these three will be good enough .

    Also what if Barkley is available at 3 ? Best player in the draft.

  17. MillCity

    Giving up a second round pick per spot moved up is crazy. I don’t care what excuses you come up with that is way too much. I’d be pissed if I was a jets fan and pumped in Indy. 3 spots for 3 2nds lol. Who cares who your QB is when you don’t have a team around him.

    • ‘Who cares who your QB is when you don’t have a team around him.”

      Because it today’s NFL you build your team around your QB, not the other way around. If you have an elite QB, that’s half the battle—and the harder part.

  18. pohsib_54

    I think their signing of two stop gap QB in free agency was unnecessary with plans to Draft a QB at the top of the draft but whatever it’s not my money

    • Begamin

      they will probably trade McCown or Bridgewater (probably bridgewater) to a QB needy team sometime in the season. I think their signing of bridgewater was in case things go south and they couldnt land a QB. Who knows

  19. padam

    Well, the Jets certainly didn’t trade up to take Mayfield. It’s either Darnald, Allen or Barkley.

    Now what would be interesting based on the Jets move is if the Browns trade up from 4 to 2 to grab both Darnald AND Barkley. They have the picks to trade, and the Giants still get the top 4 pick they need that can address any of the spots they want to fill – D-line, secondary, QB or O-line.

  20. crosseyedlemon

    Clearly the Jets are over-reacting to losing out on the Cousins lottery. The value of first round picks has always been exaggerated and decades ago George Allen proved that by always having a winning season despite the Redskins perennially unloading their pick. The Patriots won a championship as recently as 2 seasons ago without a number one pick.

  21. Armaday

    Colts will still get their man Chubb at number 6. The Jets are obviously happy with whoever is available at 3. I just hope the Jets offered the Browns and Giants the same package before the Colts.
    With the Jets luck, they will get the Ryan Leaf of the bunch.

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