NFL Draft Rumors: Browns, Price, Broncos

The Browns‘ No. 1 pick remains a mystery to everyone, including head coach Hue Jackson, according to Robert Klemko of The MMQB (on Twitter). He also adds that Dorsey has already made his determination, contrary to what has been leaked to the press.

On Wednesday morning, it was reported that the Browns are likely to select either Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen or Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield. Of course, that could just be a smokescreen as many still believe the Browns will take USC’s Sam Darnold.

Here’s the latest NFL Draft buzz:


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14 comments on “NFL Draft Rumors: Browns, Price, Broncos

  1. Worzelmangel

    Why on earth would the Browns need a smokescreen? It’s not like someone can trade up to move ahead of them and take their guy…

    • mga2q7

      On the flip side, why would they give away who they are picking? It would only benefit the teams behind them.

      • Worzelmangel

        I get that there’s no point in being open about it, but creating smokescreens—lying to reporters—is something you do when there’s a point to it, and here I don’t see the point.

    • coltsrocker1

      To try and get other teams to trade with Giants for #2 to ensure Barkley will be there at 4… it’s a possibility

        • I give no fox

          Based on what? They went to the same school? Is Baker Mayfield nothing more than Sam Bradford 2.0? Troll troll troll your boat

          • Thomas.Swanson

            Have you watched him play? He barely had any big games in college and he is far from a game changing running back. But you believe the Kool Aid and will be wrong when he goes the route of Trent Richardson.

            And you think Baker is Bradford? That’s laughable….he is clearly the best QB in the draft.

    • akaydn

      With how the Browns have operated recently they’re probably afraid that someone else in the front office will trade up from the fourth pick and take their guy out from under themselves…

    • toby312

      I’m sure it’s driving coach ego OHFOR crazy to not have a say or be told the pick. He needs to get his mug on the tely to try and sell his relevancy by spilling beans but he’s literally in dark as well as figuratively . All these picks and nothing now Dorsey sounds like he’s better than what they had before, CLEVLAND will rock once they address coaching

  2. jb19

    It is of no benefit to the browns to divulge who they are taking number one overall and that’s why they are being coy with the pick. Additionally, the nfl has requested the teams not release the draft plans of those picking number 1 overall. Even slam dunk picks, like Andrew Luck, were a mystery. They want people to tune in to the draft to find out which players are being selected instead of reading about it online…. also, Hue Jackson doesn’t need to know who will be number 1 overall he’s a lame duck coach that won’t make it through the season.

  3. afsooner02

    Good lord I can’t wait for tomorrow so We can stop it with the mocks, smokescreens and sources saying such and such is considering picking this guy or that guy……finally over tomorrow!

  4. dust44

    This whole draft is centered on what happens at #2. Everyone in the world knows the Browns go QB at 1. If the Giants go QB at 2. The jets at 3. The #4 and #5 r super valuable for whoever wants the last QB of the big 4. Also means Lamar goes earlier then expected as well. Browns r in the drivers seat at 4. Y would anyone trade to 5 not knowing if one of the 4 QBs will even still b there

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