Appeal Denied For Saints RB Mark Ingram

On Wednesday morning, Mark Ingram‘s representatives issued a statement to dispute the league’s claim that he violated the policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Apparently, the case has already been open and shut. Ingram’s appeal has already been heard and denied, Josh Katzenstein of the Times-Picayune tweets. At this point, Ingram’s reps are just waiting for the full written decision from the arbitrator. 

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Ingram’s camp argued that the test results were somehow illegitimate while also noting that the substance in question “permissible with the proper use exemption with the NFL.” Of course, without the exemption, Ingram would still be in violation of league rules for having that substance in his system. Ingram’s fight may not be over, however, as the statement from his agents indicated that he would “explore what further options are needed” after reviewing the ruling.

Ingram is slated to miss the first four games of the season, but luckily for the Saints, it’s a relatively soft portion of the schedule with the Buccaneers, Browns, Falcons, and Giants on deck. They will lean a bit more heavily on Alvin Kamara to carry the ball, though they may take a closer look at veteran options to hold them over for the first month of the season.

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6 comments on “Appeal Denied For Saints RB Mark Ingram

  1. TJECK109

    So tired of every freaking suspension appealed and ending up in court. The players complain about Goodell having to much power but they don’t seem to complain about the ability to challenge every suspension all the way through the court system. It’s the only league where you have this garbage appeal process

  2. bcard12

    This one should be easy. If you have to have permission to use it, did he get permission? If not, cased closed. You make millions. Check with the league before you put something in your body

  3. whereslou

    I forget his name but when Seattle had the guys busted for PED use one of them was a nut job OL. He had a prescription for Ritalin and had an exemption for the year before. He didn’t get it renewed so he was out of compliance and was suspended four games. Ingram doesn’t have a leg to stand on just because it is legal if you get it approved. This guy got it approved just didn’t get it renewed. He was so dumb he got arrested twice for taking a whiz in a shopping malls parking lot. Then he retired and got busted a few months later selling drugs.

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