Russell Wilson Expects To Be Franchised In 2020

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson‘s current contract runs through the 2019 campaign, but he expects to be in Seattle beyond next season. Wilson and his camp expect the Seahawks to deploy the franchise tag in 2020, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

As expected, the quarterback contract landscape has seen increased salaries this year, as Matt Ryan last week topped Kirk Cousins as the NFL’s highest-paid player. Ryan received nearly $100M in full guarantees and collect $30MM annually on his new deal, setting new marks at the position. Packers signal-caller Aaron Rodgers is expected to receive an extension in the near future, and he’ll surely move past Ryan in both guaranteed money and per-year average.

Wilson, 29, is currently earning $21.9MM per season under the terms of the deal he signed in 2015, a figure which ranks 11th among quarterbacks. If he receives the franchise tag in 2020, Wilson would be entitled to a 20% raise over his 2019 cap charge, meaning the tender would be worth $30.34MM. If Seattle used the tag again in 2021, it would cost roughly $36.41MM.

Previous reports have indicated negotiations between Wilson and the Seahawks could be contentious. Seattle reportedly explored the 2018 crop of quarterback prospects, and although the club ultimately selected only seventh-round Alex McGough, Wilson’s team contacted the Seahawks as to why they were interested in this year’s passers.

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15 comments on “Russell Wilson Expects To Be Franchised In 2020

  1. bigdaddyhacks

    He’s not worth that kinda money. Sorry. He’s good but not 36AAV good.

    • Jimmy Johnson’s Ghost

      If Matt Ryan is worth 30M a year, Wilson is worth double. Imagine Wilson playing in ATL and Ryan in SEA. I’d bet Seattle couldn’t have won 3 games. Wilson is a one man band over there. No OLine no RB…. Bottom line is the NFL QB market has gone bananas.

      • wrigleyhawkeye

        Dude, you’re crazy. Seattle won because of their defense. If Matt Ryan could have had that defense he could sit back and game manage too. Seattle would have more than one Super Bowl. If Rodgers had that defense, they’d have 4+.

  2. Clark K

    That’s for a second consecutive tag, only the Redskins are dumb enough to tag a QB back to back. Way I see it is he’ll get tagged once then if they can’t get a deal done he’s out of there and they’ll really start rebuilding

  3. whereslou

    I guess we will have to see what happens when/if he gets an OL in front of him. He has the arm and the intelligence to be a great QB he just needs an OL to be able to show his true talent. I think he is fake off the field but has plenty of talent on the field.

  4. jorge78

    I’ve seen Wilson engineer some incredible comebacks.
    The guy is special. If he had a decent OL…..

  5. wrigleyhawkeye

    Decent QB, but not the type that can carry a team. Meaning, he’s not good enough to make up for the shortcomings an exorbitant salary will cause. Sorry, but he’s not a top 10 QB.

    • whereslou

      I guess you haven’t seen the comebacks he has engineered behind a crappy OL. I would guess by your name you are from Chicago so unless you are older you would only have seen a good QB in a visitors uni so it is hard for you to tell what a good QB looks like week to week.

      • wrigleyhawkeye

        Seattle is 10-21 the past 4 years when the defense allows 18 or more points (1-5 in 2017; 5-4 in 2016; 1-7 in 2015 (when defense allowed >13 points); 3-5 in 2014).

        I’m actually a GB fan so I’ve seen Favre and Rodgers since the early 90’s soooooo?????

        • rgrams7

          You can spin numbers any way you want. Like Russell leading the league in TD’s and leading his team in rushing last year. No way Rodgers or anyone else does what he did last year behind that O line.

      • ray_derek

        Wilson is not a top 10 QB, I’m sorry but it’s laughable to think he’s make anywhere close to what Ryan got and what Rodgers will get. and if he does get it, seattle is nutz

          • wrigleyhawkeye

            Depends how you look at it— next year only or next few years.

            For one year I’d go with below (not necessarily in this order, but close):
            Tier one:

            Tier two:

            Tier three:

            Tier four:

            May have missed a couple. Left off a couple still in the air like Garapolo and Bradford.

            • rgrams7

              None of your top one or two tier guys could do what Russell does with that O line

            • cka2nd

              Wilson has a better TD %, Int %, YPA, Passer Rating and W-L record than Ryan in regular season play, and splits the stats with Ryan in the post-season, while having a better playoff W-L record even if you drop the Super Bowl season. He’s also been a more consistent QB than Ryan. As far as I’m concerned, he’s one of the top five QB’s in the league, easily.

              However, wrigleyhawkeye’s note on Seattle’s record when the defense is not playing up to snuff does give one some food for thought. Thank you for that.

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