88% Of NFL Draft Picks Have Signed Their Rookie Contracts

The overwhelming majority of this year’s draft picks have signed their rookie deals, as shown in PFR’s tracker. Of this year’s 256 selections, 226 have inked their first NFL deal. As of Wednesday afternoon, that leaves 30 players – less than 12% of this year’s class – unsigned. Here’s the complete breakdown, round by round:

First Round (17)

Second Round (5)

Third Round (8)

Fourth Round (0)

Fifth Round (1)

Sixth Round (0)

Seventh Round (0)

The Rams signed their entire rookie class late last week, putting a serious dent in the unsigned total since our last check. Still, the first round (17) and third round (8) lead the way in rookie stragglers. That’s to be expected, as first round picks have the leverage needed to negotiate a better position on certain issues such as offset language. Third round negotiations also tend to drag since there is wiggle room when it comes to base salaries.

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One comment on “88% Of NFL Draft Picks Have Signed Their Rookie Contracts

  1. PasswordIsPassword

    I’m showing 31 players unsigned, but I know we’re splitting hairs.


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