Suspension Coming For Martavis Bryant?

The Raiders are concerned that wide receiver Martavis Bryant will be subject to league discipline, sources tell Michael Gehlken of the Review Journal. The belief is that Bryant has run afoul of the league’s substance abuse policy once again, which would put his 2018 season in jeopardy. 

Bryant, 26, missed the entire 2016 season after repeated policy violations. It’s not exactly clear what the issue is this time around, but a failed test or a failure to attend a scheduled exam could result in a lengthy ban for Bryant given his history.

On Day 1 of the draft, the Raiders shipped the No. 10 overall pick to the Cardinals for the No. 15 selection, plus a third-round pick and a fifth-round choice. After selecting UCLA tackle Kolton Miller at No. 15, they traded that newly acquired third-round selection to the Steelers for Bryant.

Bryant’s talent is undeniable, but his off-the-field issues made it a risky move. The Raiders are now bracing themselves for the possibility of not having Bryant in what should have been a highly-motivated year for him. The wide receiver is entering the final year of his rookie deal and is slated to hit free agency after the 2018 season. Instead of balling out, Bryant might have to sit out.

After joining the Raiders, Bryant insisted that he was turning over a new leaf.

Just by handling my business as a man,” Bryant said when asked in April about how he’ll stay on course. “It’s not my first rodeo. I’ve had my difficulties in my past, but I’ve come a long way from that. It’s all about keeping the right resources around me and continuing to stay on the right path. I’m going to make sure I get that done.”

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 comments on “Suspension Coming For Martavis Bryant?

  1. leefieux

    And, with that pick, the Steelers chose Mason Rudolph.

    Great trade for them so far!

    Maybe Chuckie should’ve stayed on the booth?

      • graysondecker

        Even if Rudolph doesn’t go to Canton (which he likely will not), Bryant was under contract for one more year, and any suspension given to him would be longer than a year. If Rudolph produces any value whatsoever, even as a backup, it’s a win for the Steelers. Hell, even if he doesn’t produce any value, at least they don’t have to deal with Bryant’s constant distraction anymore.

  2. Michael Chaney

    I didn’t understand why the Raiders gave up a third rounder for him (especially for just a year), and it makes even less sense now. They’ve had a weird offseason.

  3. itslonelyatthetrop

    I don’t know why Bryant bothers wearing a helmet. His head is safe and secure up his butt.

  4. 2012orioles

    I really like Martavis Bryant and was upset when he was traded away, but it looks like the Steelers doubted his ability to stay on the football field, and probably made the right move in moving on.

    • Grant Humphrey

      It also appears that the Steelers got an offer they couldn’t refuse for him. I expected them to get like a 5th or 6th round pick in any trade for Bryant. But getting a 3rd must’ve blew them away.

  5. TJECK109

    The raiders trading for Bryant after signing Nelson would have put Bryant in the same position he was in during his stay in Pittsburgh. He would have been probably their 3rd option which is what he was last year when he finally played and complained about not getting the ball. He was a one year player for Oakland.

    True justice needs to be handed down by EA sports and Madden. Bryant should show up on the suspension list and not be usable for one season…lol

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